How to Set Up VPN On a DD-WRT Router

how to set up vpn on router
If you already have got a router you need to check its compatibility with a VPN. Routers may be divided into those which support a VPN client (mode) and those which don’t. There are also routers with a VPN server. Now let’s have a look at each case separately. (more…)

Best VPN for Japan

best vpn services for Japan
Though Japan may seem to be absolutely loyal in its online policy but still you may need a VPN service to prevent some troubles. Hackers and other third parties don’t need any kind of policy in order to spoil your weekend or even a whole life. (more…)

Step-By-Step Guide to Cope With a Hacked WordPress Site

cope with hacked wordpress site
It seems that you’ve scored a success and everything is just perfect. But suddenly you notice strange things happening with your WordPress website. There is a thought rolling through your head—“Hacked?” But you thoroughly try to get rid of it— “What? Me? No! Never!” (more…)

5 Best Anonymous VPN

best anonymous vpn

Our choice of an ideal VPN provider usually depends on the features which we consider to be the most important for a perfect virtual trip. However, different users set different priorities. Some of us need a supersonic speed while others look for wide server coverage. But there is a factor which, probably, plays the most crucial part in the choice of every Internet user – and this is anonymity. (more…)

Best VPNs for Wi-Fi Hotspots

wifi vpn
You adore your favorite café because it has not only the most delicious muffins you’ve ever tried but also treats you to free Wi-Fi. But have you ever thought that this, at first sight, innocent treat can hide serious danger? (more…)

How to Unblock Netflix

unblock netflix
Imagine you are planning a trip somewhere abroad—far away from your everyday problems, annoying neighbors … and favourite TV-shows. But how could the last one happen? (more…)

What is a VPN?

what is vpn

If you have come across a new for you term “VPN” and don’t know what exactly it is, or want to know more about this notion, then you are on a right way. (more…)

Best VPN for Netflix. Watch 100% of Netflix Content Everywhere

netflix vpn
Netflix is almost a must if you are keen on popular TV-shows and films. This Californian Company founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings opened a door to the cinema world at homes of millions of people around the world. And we are not exaggerating as according to the latest statistics of 2016 Netflix has got its servers in 190 countries! (more…)

Most Secure VPN Providers

secure vpn

While we agree that best VPN services should excel in all aspects, from customer support and number of servers to speed and performance, their main purpose is to provide top-level security for anonymous internet surfing. If VPN provider offers great prices, high speed and outstanding support but does not provide full anonymity and security – such VPN is not worth a penny. (more…)

Best Cheap VPN Services

cheap VPN providers
As with everything in life, we want to get the best value for money when choosing VPN service. We made this list of cheap VPN services keeping in mind that not everyone is ready to pay $10/month for a VPN, especially considering the fact that you need to buy annual plan to get truly amazing price per month. We decided to review only VPNs with less than $5 monthly fee (in case of annual subscription) and less than $8 (for 1-month subscription). (more…)

How to Protect WordPress Site From Brute Force Attacks

wordpress brute force protection

What is Brute-Force attack?

“Brute force” attack is based on guessing login and password. While the logic is quite simple (try different combinations repeatedly and once you’ll get it right), brute force attacks are usually performed by bots capable of trying thousands of combinations in a minute. (more…)