The Best VPN Services in 2018

If you came here, we assume you are aware of being spied over the Internet since the day you went online for the first time.

Yes, you have it right. Internet is not a green lawn with ponies.

Have you ever experienced being unable to access geo restricted websites? Or maybe hackers stole your personal data? Or you just want to keep using the Internet anonymously? In any case, VPN can help you.

Best-VPN.Net provides reviews of various VPN services to help you make the right choice.
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So What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a set of technologies that adds security and privacy level over public and private networks. VPN server works as an intermediator so after connecting to VPN server, all data transferred between you and VPN server is encrypted and no one can see it.

Best VPN by Criterion

ProviderPrice (Annual Plan)Price (Monthly Plan)Free
Refund Option (Days)Accepts BitcoinWebsite
Private Internet Access$3.33
per month
per month
No7YesVisit site
nord vpn$5.75
per month
per month
Yes30YesVisit site
spotflux vpn$3.16
per month
per month
No45YesVisit site
per month
per month
Yes15YesVisit site
hotspot shield vpn$2.49
per month
No monthly planYes30NoVisit site
ProviderBased in
DNS LeakData EncryptionHandshake EncryptionSSLWebsite
air vpnItalyNoAES-256RSA-4096A++, SelfVisit Site
perfect privacy vpnSwitzerlandNoAES-256RSA-4096A++, SelfVisit site
private internet access vpnUSANoAES-256RSA-4096A+, SelfVisit site
VikingVPNUSANoAES-256RSA-4096A+, SelfVisit site
ExpressVPNBritish Virgin IslandsNoAES-256CA-4096A++, SelfVisit site
ProviderBased in
Keep LogsData EncryptionDNS LeakAnonymous
nord vpnPanamaNoAES-256NoYesVisit site
private internet access vpnUSANoAES-256NoYesVisit site
air vpnItalyNoAES-256NoYesVisit Site
ExpressVPNBritish Virgin IslandsNoAES-256NoYesVisit site
torguard vpnUSANoAES-256NoYesVisit site

Why Use a VPN?

1)  To Hide Your IP Address & Location

The very first reason why anyone would look for a VPN provider is a strong need of anonymity. Using one of the best VPN services, you won’t show the world your real IP address, instead of it you will get a new, completely different one which will help you to stay anonymous while surfing the net. Besides, note that hiding your IP address VPN also conceals your location details.

2) To Secure Your Data

Of course, just hiding IP address and location would not make VPN such a popular service. Security is another point which attracts Internet users in it. Having best VPN provider you get your data encrypted and this increases a general privacy level of your Internet trip. Except encryption techniques, there is also authentication of two levels (computer- and user-level authentication) and access control.


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3) To Hide Your Internet Activity & Block Online Trackers

Usually when you visit any website, you’ve got tracked. However, VPN can save from this and hide your Internet activity.  As your data connection is encrypted, it will be rather difficult for ISP (Internet Service Provider) to track any website visits. Moreover, best VPN providers usually do not keep logs and make it impossible to monitor your online activities.

4) To Bypass Restrictive Networks and Censorship

One more obstacle a VPN service helps to bypass is restrictive networks.  VPN providers give you a chance to access websites or their services (e.g. instant messaging or video chat) that would otherwise be blocked. Besides, VPN makes it possible to steer clear of censorship imposed by some countries like China or Iran and get access to the websites (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) or services which are normally available though not in these locations.

5) To Access Geo-Blocked Content

Travelers would find VPN a kind of a treasure as it provides access to geo-restricted websites. Best VPN services have a wide range of countries and cities where their servers are located. This allows you enjoy surfing the websites available only for users of a specific country.

6) To Get Safe Wi-Fi and P2P Download

Another plus of using VPN, especially one of the best providers, is a safe access to public Wi-Fi spots. This option is very important, as Wi-Fi is a weak point, at which you can be easily hacked by snoopers. Though, if you have a reliable VPN – be sure that all of the traffic from your device will be encrypted when using a public hotspot. Furthermore, best VPN services also offer P2P file sharing what guarantees you a safe download of files.

7) To Stream Faster

Though some of VPN services may slow down you Internet surfing, the best VPN provides know what their clients are looking for and take care of their speed rate. A good VPN service has its own global VPN network to provide you with the highest VPN speed wherever you would be – North America, Asia or Europe. A reliable provider does not forget about optimization process, which is crucial for delivering a fast VPN access. So, having one of the best VPN service, be sure nothing will prevent you from enjoying HD video.

What to Pay Attention to While Choosing the Best VPN?

Ok. Here comes this moment to make your decision and choose a VPN provider which you think is best namely for you. The problem is that modern market offers you so many VPN services that you can hardly even imagine what to select. In fact, there are several features you should always pay your attention to while choosing your VPN. So what are they?

Security and Privacy

Very often VPN services ensure you that their security is of a top-level. But these are common phrases. What you should really be aware of is the type of protocols and encryption offered by a certain VPN.


Nowadays OpenVPN is considered to be the best protocol – fast and the most secure. It can run on UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ports. UDP is faster, though TCP is error-checked what increases its reliability. This protocol is supported by Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux and other OS. Moreover, it has access to OpenSSL Library that allows providing users with up to 256-bit encryption of data and control channels.

Usually VPN providers offer a range of protocols and among them you can also find L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol). This protocol does not provide a powerful encryption or authentication and usually comes together with another protocol called IPsec (Internet Protocol security). Nevertheless, L2TP/IPsec is slower than OpenVPN and sometimes can be even blocked by firewalls.

Another protocol you can come across when looking for the best VPN provider is PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol). Though it is one of the oldest protocols, it is still used as it is the most common one, easiest to set up and fast. However, its security level is rather shady and we would not advise you to rely on it.

As to SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol), this protocol like OpenVPN can also boast of its high security level. Nevertheless, it does not have a high popularity status because it is suitable only for Windows.

In a nutshell, a top-notch VPN service will provide you with all of these protocols, though a real must for it is OpenVPN option.


As to encryption type, the best choice is a VPN service with AES-256 type, aka 256-bit encryption. It will protect your online privacy and data from cyber-attacks even while using public WiFi hotspots.


Make sure your VPN service will hide your real IP address and location – this will protect you from third parties. Besides, best VPN services usually do not keep logs and do not track your online activities. Sharing your data to the third parties is also a kind of taboo.

Number of servers and locations

This factor is vitally important especially for those who travel a lot. Whatever fantastic security level VPN has, it won’t play any role if this provider doesn’t have its servers in the certain locations. So, the more locations and servers are available, the better it is. And do not forget to check whether a necessary country or city is included into the locations list of your potential VPN provider.


Is your future VPN provider compatible with all the popular devices and platforms? Or are there any restrictions? Best VPN services have apps for different OS and provide several simultaneous connections what is very convenient in use.


While choosing a VPN provider you must also take into account its rate. Would you like to have a high speed using VPN service? Definitely yes! Then check the rate results yourself. Best VPN providers have an option of Speed Test, which helps to find the fastest VPN server location for you and check download capacity. Besides, they are optimized and have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited service switching.


Best VPN provider has also got the best customer support of all kinds – ticket system, FAQs, knowledge based sections, guidelines, emails, phone numbers and the most appreciated one – live chat available round-the-clock. Except a nice variety of a support service, its quality must be high, too.

Price and Payment Methods

Of course, the best VPN provider will not be cheap. Nevertheless, it does not mean that its services must be overestimated. Sometimes it happens that more snazzy services are cheaper than providers-beginners. Besides, do not forget to pay attention whether such options as money-back guarantee and free trial are available. Methods of payment are also important. The best provider will always offer different ways of payment among which you will also find an anonymous one like Bitcoin.

How Does a Perfect VPN Look Like?

An ideal VPN provider has ideal features. Though, it is hard to believe in its existence, there are VPN services which impress us with their amazing characteristics. A perfect VPN provider must have AES-256 encryption type and OpenVPN protocol that will guarantee your safety. Besides, it will keep all your private data safe. Obviously, it will also provide you with a hidden IP-address and even additional security widgets, like VyprVPN has – NAT Firewall and Chameleon. Besides, super VPN will excel with high speed and no DNS leak what is possible in case a provider has its own DNS servers, e.g. F-secure Freedom.

Of course, the question of servers, locations and their number is also a perplexing one. Best VPN providers can have up to 700 servers (e.g. VyprVPN) and more than 75 involved countries of different world corners (e.g. ExpressVPN). Furthermore, a great VPN won’t deprive its customers of a chance to try the service for free and in case something goes wrong decline it. A standard free-trial period lasts approximately 7 days, but some VPN providers can offer you 30 and even 45-day-money-back guarantee. Bright examples are such providers as NordVPN and Spotflux.

On the whole, the best VPN provider image is created namely by you depending on your personal demands and priorities. And Best-VPN.Net is eager to help you find out what VPN service is best for you.

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