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About Avira Phantom VPN

In the world of the omnipresent virtual control it’s not an easy task to remain anonymous and safe. If only you don’t have a VPN, of course.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service which protects your Internet surfing from the external risk factors which include hacking, different malwares, dangerous and suspicious websites, etc. Besides, a VPN “turns off” your identity making any of your online activities private. Using this service you can also get access to the list of blocked websites like Spotify, Amazon, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer and others.

An uptake of a VPN is especially useful for some countries which have a severe censorship (e.g. China), a serious centralized control over the citizens’ online activities (e.g. NSA in the US) and a set of laws which restrict users’ privacy allowing various government organizations to access their data (e.g. Bill C-11 and Bill C-51 in Canada). And even if your country isn’t a member of the Five Eyes, it doesn’t mean that you are out of the hazard area. Thus it’s always better to be on the safe side and prevent any possibilities of being tracked or hacked. To do this you can make use of a VPN provider which corresponds to your technical requirements, financial capacity and location.

Some facts about Avira and its Phantom VPN

Avira company is based in Germany with its main headquarter in Tettnang near Lake Constance. It also has its offices in some other spots of the technological world like Munich, Bucharest, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. Avira as a company is famous for its renowned Avira Antivirus, but this isn’t its only achievement. Avira team has recently created a new product – Avira Phantom VPN. So now Avira can secure you not only against viruses but also hackers’ and other third parties’ excessive attention.

Thanks to its reputation and quality, its strategic partners are well-known communication and software giants like T-systems, IBM, Microsoft, Opswat, etc. Its regular customers are a fashion company of Willy Bogner, a health insurance company BIG Krankenkasse, Commerzbank, Greenpeace in Central and Eastern Europe, TUI travel agency and many others.

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Avira Phantom VPN Plans and Pricing

Phantom VPN has got two plans which differ both in price and available options. The first package is Avira Phantom Free. It includes free 500 MB of data per month in case you are an unregistered user. Those who agree to fulfill a registration form get 500 MB more and in total are offered 1 GB of data per month for free.

The second available package is Avira Phantom Pro. It allows unlimited data usage and provides you with an automatic protection on high-risk networks. But to have an access to all these options you must pay €41.95 per year (i.e. almost €3.5 per month).

avira phantom vpn pricing

If to compare Avira pricing policy with other VPN providers like ExpressVPN, IPVanish or VyprVPN, Phantom VPN has quite reasonable prices.

Speaking of the paying process, you can choose a currency you like (Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Polish Zloty, Chinese Yuan, etc – the range is really wide) and the quantity of the product. There is also an option of automatic renewal and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Note that Avira official website uses a Global Sign SSL Certificate to keep your personal data secure. It is also TSL secured. By the way, in your shopping cart you can find a brief description of the Avira Phantom Pro package, namely its privacy and Wi-Fi security details, and read it one more time.

The payment methods include Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Amex), Webmoney, PayPal and Wire transfer. In order to perform this financial operation you will need to provide Avira with such personal information as your first and last name, email, and location details (address).

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Avira Phantom VPN Features

Phantom VPN performs all the paramount functions of a VPN service. It keeps you private during all your online activities. Your identity remains anonymous as Avira VPN hides your real IP address and as a result it’s impossible to identify your personal data which is also secured by this provider. So, any third parties – whether these are hackers or government organizations – won’t be able to get into your database and make use of it.

Another function, this provider has, is an access to geo-restricted websites. It’s not a secret that not all of the Internet sources are available for an average user. And if you want to overcome this barrier – VPN is the best solution of this problem.

Phantom VPN is compatible with all devices and only the most popular platforms. It also supports an option of several simultaneous connections what is very useful for businessmen and other people who got used to an uptake of several devices at the same time.

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Avira Phantom VPN Security and Privacy

In order to make your Internet life safe Phantom VPN takes care of all your virtual connections. It supports AES 256-bit encryption which nowadays is considered to be the best one. Note that this is end-to-end encryption in a secure tunnel.

It’s important to underline that this security level covers the use of public Wi-Fi hotspots, too. So, having Avira VPN you can use Wi-Fi in the airport or your favorite mall without a risk of being traced by online spies. All your virtual interactions will be protected by a reliable encryption.

By the by, if you belong to the category of the premium customers (those who’ve got Avira Phantom Pro package) you will also get all the unreliable networks secured automatically.

Anonymity is another VPN plus as it not only hides your identity, but also keeps business data confidential. It’s always better to have a limited access to such information like bank transfers, for example, isn’t it?
Together with Avira VPN any message sent by a user will be accessible only for a sender and a recipient. No third parties will get involved into it.

Phantom VPN also masks your real geographical location changing your true IP into a new one. Besides, this provider doesn’t keep logs. It means that there is no monitoring of the websites you visit.

Avira Phantom VPN Locations

On the whole, Phantom VPN has got its servers in 20 countries. This location list includes the US, the UK, Canada, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and, of course, Germany.
Obviously, the server coverage isn’t as impressive as some other popular VPN services have, but we mustn’t forget that Avira VPN is a new provider on the market and it has all chances to catch up with its competitors.

Installation, Speed and Leak Protection

Installation process

The process of installation is easy but you will need Avira Instalator for this. Note that it is also necessary for other apps of this company.

avira phantom vpn installation

When we started installing Avira VPN on the desktop, the first thing we saw was a range of Avira products. As an advert it works well, but we believe that many users would be glad to have something more informative on the first slides.

avira vpn installation start
avira vpn installation step 2
avira vpn installation step 3
avira vpn installation step 4
avira vpn installation step 5

The design of Phantom VPN client for desktop looks in the following way.

avira phantom client not connected
avira phantom client connected

There are minimum settings you can change and work with.

avira phantom client settings

You can choose a country which is suitable for you. Note that the change of a location is available only if your VPN client is switched off. So, you need to disconnect form a server, go to settings and choose a new location. And only then you can connect to Avira VPN again.

avira phantom client settings

As to the mobile version, it has some differences in the general look, namely black margins which you will see later.

ios avira vpn client

By the by, unlike a VPN client for desktop, Avira Phantom mobile version doesn’t have any adverts. Instead of Avira products you will see short guides. Then after looking through short tutorials you will have either to register or sign in.

ios avira vpn client tour
avira phantom vpn ios general look

When it comes to the server choice you can have a kind of dejavu. The point is that the design of this option is very similar to iOS timer and other time apps. Compare:

ios avira vpn servers
avira vpn ipod timer

In fact, it’s not very convenient to choose a server. There are no flags which you can usually see near certain location and it can addle a lot.

Like desktop VPN client, a mobile version doesn’t have specific settings. All you can find is some facts about Avira VPN and a server list.

On the whole, usability and design of Avira Phantom VPN needs improvement. Though, we should also take into account a fact that this VPN service is a newcomer on the market, so we should give it some time to catch up with other providers.

Speed and Leak protection

When we checked our desktop VPN client we didn’t find any IP or DNS leaks.

avira phantom vpn ipleak test
avira phantom vpn dns leak test results

Its speed didn’t impress us with top-notch results, but on the whole it was OK. If to compare Avira Phantom to other VPN providers, it has speed of an average level.

avira phantom vpn speedtest results
avira phantom vpn fastcom speedtest result

As to the mobile version, it also didn’t show any leaks.

avira phantom vpn ios dns leak test

Speed that we got on the mobile VPN client was really great. We should admit that it showed us better results than on a desktop. As you can see, server in Germany has almost the same speed as the original one.

avira phantom vpn ios app speedtest result

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Avira Phantom VPN Compatibility

According to Avira policy, its VPN service is aimed at the platforms which have gained the most popularity among the European users.

This top-list includes Windows (versions 7 and later), Android (versions 4.0.3 and later), iOS (versions 8 and later) and Mac (versions 10.10/Yosemite and later) operating systems. Consequently, Phantom VPN is compatible only with these platforms.

Unfortunately, Linux users have to look for a different VPN for their Ubuntu OS.

Avira Phantom VPN Customer Support

Avira offers a set of various support options. First of all, there is an option of a search field with a list of the most popular questions and their answers. You can also look for a solution of your problem in their blog or forum.

But in case of an emergency, don’t even hesitate to visit their Experts Home and get a consultation you need. Note that there is an option of a language selection and it’s up to you what expert to choose.
By the by, Avira pleasantly impresses with its friendliness and openness to users’ opinions. In case you have a fresh idea concerning their service, you can always share it with Avira team and probably one day, it will be brought about. They also have a feedback system which consists of a very short questionnaire.


Avira has a complicated website where Phantom VPN is just one of the categories offered on its homepage. The service isn’t described completely in details – only some of its main characteristics are mentioned there – pricing policy, compatibility features, security and privacy details and locations.

So, the informative side of this VPN provider isn’t of the best quality. However, the general website layout is logical and stylish. There are also social network buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and access to customer support.

You can also read more about Avira and get acquainted with other products of this company.

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Despite its status of a new provider, Phantom VPN seems to be a potentially strong competitor for the modern VPN minions. This VPN service has a hefty encryption, and it provides users with security and anonymity on an appropriate level.

Though, Avira VPN can offer server only in 20 countries and compatibility with 4 platforms, its general performance is good and fast. However, before subscribing to this VPN service, check whether it supports your device OS and whether it has servers in the countries you need.

Pros and Cons


  • free 500mb/mo
  • low price
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • easy to use
  • DNS/IP Leak Protection


  • based in the EU
  • not compatible with Linux
  • only 20 locations
  • design and usability need improvement

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