Best Kodi Addons for 2018

As the new year slowly sets in, most Kodi users are probably wondering, what are the best Kodi addons in 2018? If you’ve been following Kodi’s news lately, you’ll agree that Kodi became very popular in 2017, with a large number of users turning to it for their home entertainment needs. For those that are entirely new to the service, they might be somewhat fearful about the many third party addons that have come under a lot of heat from copyright and government agencies. This has left them out of choice regarding the kind of Kodi addons they should choose. To try and help them out with this problem, we’re going to do a review of some Kodi addons that are totally safe for use. Have a look at our list of the Best Kodi Addons for 2018 below:

Best Kodi Addons for 2018
Best Kodi Addons for 2018

Top VPN for Kodi

Summary of The Best Addons for Kodi 2018

Here’s our top ten list of the best Kodi addons for 2018:

  1. Plex.
  2. USTVNow.
  3. Popcornflix.
  4. Crackler.
  5. iPlayer WWW.
  6. Vevo.
  7. ESPN3.
  8. Crunchyroll.
  9. Fox Sports Go.
  10. Youtube.

Best 2018 Kodi Addons

We’ve even gone ahead to give a review of 5 of the addond above:

1. YouTube Kodi Addon

Youtube is easily the most popular streaming site and it would just not do it justice if there wasn’t an addon available to stream from it through Kodi. Also, its great to have since Google will have removed their Youtube app from Fire TV and Amazon FireStick by the first of January 2018.

2. Plex

Plex used to be one of Kodi’s competitors until recently, where we’ve seen PLex coming up with an addon that can be used on Kodi. This allows you to use two of the best multimedia ports together, and get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to find it on Kodi’s official addon repository.

3. Crackler – Best for Movies

Crackler is one of the few Kodi addons that’ll allow you to stream the best & latest blockbusters in movies and TV series. To get this addon, all you have to do is visit the Crackle website and get a link to install the Crackler Kodi plugin on your Mac, PC. Android, Raspberry Pi or FireStick. Take note that you’ll only be able to see the list of TV shows and movies you can stream depending on your location, so to get unlimited choice, it’s best you use a VPN.

4. iPlayer WWW – Best for UK Users

There’s certainly a wide variety of British Kodi addons you can choose from, but most of them don’t come close to what you get to enjoy using the iPlayer WWW. It’s a top contender as a streaming addon of choice since you’ll be able to use it on Android TV Box, Amazon FireStick, Mac or PC in the UK.

5. USTVNow – Best Kodi Addon for 2018

If you’re an American that’s constantly on the move, or if you happen to be an expatriate working in a foreign country, you need a way to keep up with all the news and entertainment that’s going on in the US. USTVNow allows you to do so as its list of channels includes popular US choices such as CW TV, ABC, NBC, My9, CBS and FOX.

Use VPN to Access More Content on Kodi

A large majority of Kodi addons only work in regions such as Australia, USA, UK, Germany & Canada. This means you won’t be able to access them due to the geo-restrictions that exist for users outside such countries. To bypass these restrictions, you need a way of concealing your location, as well as your identity. A credible VPN service allows you to do so. Here are some of the advantages that you get to enjoy after enlisting a VPN service to work with your Kodi:

  • Complete Privacy: The main purpose of using a VPN service is so that you can secure your data online, and also conceal your location and identity. Using a VPN with Kodi assures you of complete security, since no one, not even your ISP, will be able to eavesdrop on your online activities.
  • Work around ISP throttling: Some ISPs are known to reduce the speed of your connection having discovered that you happen to be streaming large amounts of data. Your speed gets throttled so as to discourage you from continued streaming. Using a VPN conceals what you’re up to online, thereby helping you avoid any form of ISP throttling.
  • VPN Apps: If you’re very new to this, it might seem as though there’s a certain level of knowledge required to have your VPN app set up and functioning. The truth is, the software that runs the VPN apps is meant to be easy to use, and shouldn’t really require a lot of technical knowledge to get up and running.
  • Get to Use Geo-restricted Kodi Addons: Having subscribed to a credible VPN service, you’re able to use all the Kodi addons you’d require since a VPN will allow you to conceal your location, and bypass all the restrictions.

From our tests, we’d advise anyone looking for a VPN specifically for use through Kodi to sign up with IPVanish. We found out that their VPN apps work really well with most of the Kodi addons in the market, and the fact that they have a no-logs policy makes it even more secure since no records of the content you stream will be kept. Here’s a more elaborate list of what we think are the best Kodi VPNs for 2018:

ProviderPrice (Annual Plan)Free
Refund Option (Days)# of CountriesImmediate Support (chat, toll-free)Own DNS ServersWebsite
IPVanish VPN$6.49
per month
No760NoYesVisit site
per month
No3087YesYesVisit site
per month
Yes064YesYesVisit site
nord vpn$5.75
per month
Yes3057YesYesVisit site
hide my ass$4.99 per monthNo30200YesNoVisit site

Conclusion on the Best Kodi Addons for 2018

Seeing how popular Kodi became in 2017, its use is only set to soar even higher throughout 2018. The add ons we’ve listed in this review are good enough to ensure you make the best out of your Kodi subscription, and subscribing to a credible VPN service allows you to work around geo-restrictions and access content you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. You can also get an account with the XBMC community and get all the insider information regarding what you need to know about the best addons for your Kodi.


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