Best 5 Kodi Streaming Devices

We all know that one of the most important aspects to consider when streaming movies, TV shows and live channels online is the clarity and quality of your viewing. To allow for crisp quality viewing, you need to have a working knowledge of the best Kodi streaming devices available in the market. I came up with this guide to help you sift through the top Kodi streaming boxes, and help you make a better decision on what device is best suited for Kodi.  

Best 5 Streaming Devices for Kodi
Best 5 Streaming Devices for Kodi

Top VPN for Kodi

Best Kodi Streaming Devices

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Most Kodi users are known to be streaming through the Amazon Fire TV Stick since it’s recognized as one of the most powerful platforms in the market. Another reason is because it also supports all the major streaming channels including HBO, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer as well as Amazon Prime Instant Video


  • Supports 4K streaming.
  • Works well with all HDMI-supported TVs.
  • Well priced.


  • It’s not possible to directly setup VPN on an Amazon Fire TV Box or Stick.
  • Compared with other devices installing Kodi on Fire Stick does take some time.

Android TV Boxes

One of the major perks of Android TV boxes is that some of them come with Kodi already preloaded onto them. A good choice for one of these boxes would be anything between the Razor Forge TV, Google Nexus Player, MINIX, Matricom G-Box Q2 and the TICTID-M9C. Be sure to check the device’s specifications for an idea of the processing power as they vary from one to another.


  • A good majority of these boxes naturally support VPN.
  • They work very well with Kodi.


  • Some of the pre-loaded TV boxes might come with malware installed.

Nvidia Shield

This device comes with a powerful Tegra X1 processor that allows it to render crisp quality 4K streaming. This is one reason why it’s still one of the most popular Kodi streaming devices around, despite not being as hyped as it initially was when it was introduced to the market. Aside from being able to easily connect through a TVs HDMI input, here are more of it’s advantages:


  • Kodi’s installation can be done on the device without any issue.
  • It Natively supports Google Play Store and Kodi.
  • Once you select a VPN server (through your mouse), you can sideload a VPN app on
  • Nvidia while Kodi is open.


  • It might be slightly overpriced.

Raspberry PI

In as much as it might be difficult to set up, the Raspberry PI is quite popular among Kodi users as well as DIY fans majorly since it can be used for multiple purposes.


  •  The Raspberry PI is very affordable.


  • There’s no 4K support.
  •  It’s thought of as low powered compared to other streaming devices.
  • You ought to be tech savvy to reap its full advantages.

Android and IOS Smartphone and Tablets

Even though the screen size of your Android, iPhone or iPad might be limiting on your viewing experience, you’re still able to download and stream through Kodi on your device. This is due to the ever increasing processing power of Android and iOS handheld devices. Casting Kodi to a Chromecast through these devices might be a more viable option if you hope to make the most out of your connection.


  • There’s no need to purchase additional devices if you use your phone and tablet.
  • Kodi is available for install through the Google Play Store and App store.
  • VPN is usable on these devices as well.


  • Small screen size or resolution.

Windows PC and Mac

Connecting your computer with your TV is possible if both of them are HDMI-compatible; this way, you’d stream Kodi addons on your PC or Mac, and watch on your TV. You’d only have to ensure that you’re comfortable with not being able to use your laptop as you stream.

Streaming Devices to Avoid

Not all streaming capable devices are configured to stream Kodi or use its add-ons:

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • PS4
  • PS3

Which Streaming Device to Use with VPN

Using VPN with Kodi allows you to bypass regional restrictions set up in regions where Kodi addons are geo-blocked or illegal. It also allows you to use it knowing that your Internet traffic is encrypted.

Once you setup your VPN connection on your router, you’re clear to stream Kodi on whatever streaming device since all of your devices will share the routers’ VPN connection.

These devices come with VPN support:

  • Mac
  • PC
  • Linux
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

IPVanish is one VPN service provider I’d recommend if you’re looking to get the most out of your Kodi. Their dedicated VPN apps, worldwide VPN servers and clear customer privacy policy make it a top priority for Kodi users. Besides them, the providers on this list will also work well with Kodi:

Best Kodi Streaming Device – Final Thoughts

The Amazon FIre TV Stick proved to be the best for me in streaming with Kodi as I was doing my performance tests and ratings. In case you don’t happen to use it, you’re welcome to tell us what device you use and how well it works out for you. Share your thoughts below and we’ll be more than glad to respond.

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