Best TV Series Kodi Addons – Stream Live TV Shows Free

Streaming top TV series on Kodi for free is a luxury that longtime Kodi users continue to enjoy. This is because they get access to the best of TV shows in true HD, including top rated American TV shows that are not easily available to everyone else. This is all possible because they have installed third-party Kodi TV show addons such as Phoenix, Exodus, SALTS, Velocity and Alluc. Installing them is not that much of a difficult process, but if you need step by step assistance, then this guide was made for you. The add ons will be able to work on any Kodi-enabled devices, including Mac, PC, Android, FireStick, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast and Raspberry Pi, so chances are you’re well covered.

Best TV Series Kodi Addons - Stream Live TV Shows Free
Best TV Series Kodi Addons – Stream Live TV Shows Free

Top VPN for Kodi

Protect Yourself – Use VPN

People living in countries such as the UK, US, Australia, Canada & Germany have a high chance of receiving copyright infringement notices in their email if their ISPs detect that they’re streaming content through certain Kodi addons. The best way to ensure that you conduct your activities online in private is to subscribe to a credible VPN service. This way, your activities will remain confidential only to you. Here are some more benefits you can get out of using VPN:

  • Assured Privacy: With VPN, no one will be able to keep up with your activities online. Your ISP also won’t be able to eavesdrop on you.
  • Work around ISP throttling: VPN allows you to maintain the same Internet speed regardless of whatever you could be doing online. This is important because there are ISPs that turn down your speed when they notice you’re streaming videos.
  • Unlock Geo-sensitive Kodi Addons: There are a large number of geo-locked Kodi applications on the Internet, and they happen to be the good ones. Use VPN to unlock them and stream the best of entertainment.
  • VPN apps: These useful applications do all the groundwork and set up the required VPN connection on your Mac, Android, iOS or FireStick so that you don’t have to. You therefore don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up.

IPVanish, in our opinion, tops the list of the most recommended VPN services that are available out there. Go through this review here to see why. Below you’ll also find our list of the best Kodi VPNs in 2017.

ProviderPrice (Annual Plan)Free
Refund Option (Days)# of CountriesImmediate Support (chat, toll-free)Own DNS ServersWebsite
IPVanish VPN$6.49
per month
No760NoYesVisit site
per month
No3087YesYesVisit site
per month
Yes064YesYesVisit site
nord vpn$5.75
per month
Yes3057YesYesVisit site
hide my ass$4.99 per monthNo30200YesNoVisit site

Watching TV Shows in Kodi – The Best Series Addons

To watch top American and British TV shows, you’ll have to install a good quality addon that has a wide variety of channels to offer you. Here are a few that we’re sure will keep you glued to your seat:

Top Kodi TV Shows Addons

  • Alluc
  • Phoenix
  • Exodus
  • Velocity

How Legal or Safe is Kodi?

I’ve answered this question on a previous post that sheds light on the legal issues concerning Kodi in great detail. The summary is ultimately what you should do if you want to stay on the safe side & avoid legal trouble; and this is by using a virtual private network, otherwise known as a VPN service. It works in keeping you safe because of one of features that got mentioned above; that is hiding your IP address. This way, no one can identify you or where you’re browsing from.

Final Take on How To Stream TV Shows on Kodi for Free

Now you probably know all that you need to know concerning Kodi, and how to get to watch the best TV series for free. Having installed unofficial Kodi addons such as Exodus, signing up with a credible VPN provider is key so that your privacy remains intact. You don’t want anyone invading on what you do while online. Hopefully the instructions given are clear and to the point, but if not, you’re more than welcome to leave any questions in the comment section below, and we’ll get back with an answer as soon as we can.

*Disclaimer: This article is strictly intended for educational purposes. does not condone, promote or encourage, any criminal or illegal activity in any shape or form. Your actions are your responsibility. Please check your local laws regarding torrents and pirated streaming. does not host any pirated content.

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