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Speed: 3.5
Features: 4
Support: 3.5
Security: 4
Price: 3
Locations: 4

Buffered VPN 2016

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About Buffered VPN

VPN is a universal tool that helps to get rid of geo-restrictions and censorship, which cause serious complications in user’s virtual life. This service keeps all your online activities secured and private. It also offers a safe access to public Wi-Fi hotspots, easy P2P file-sharing and flawless online streaming.

But does Buffered VPN correspond to all aforementioned criteria of an ideal VPN provider? Let’s see what it can offer in fact. This Buffered VPN rundown will show you both positive and negative sides of this relatively new VPN service.

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Buffered VPN Plans and Pricing

Buffered VPN prices, 2016

Though Buffered VPN Company can’t boast of being an old-timer, its prices can make you believe it is. What do we usually think of a high-priced service? That it’s snazzy, with millions of useful options and unique widgets nobody else has. But not always our assumptions are correct.

Buffered VPN has three pricing plans to offer. Its monthly package costs $12.99 and it’s really expensive. Even some of the well-known VPN providers, which have already gained a strong position on the market, like Nord VPN, are much cheaper.

Its biannual plan lets subscribers save 36% and costs $9.99/mo. But the best option is to choose an annual plan—it will cost you $8.2/mo. So, Buffered pricing policy is clear—the longer subscription you have the lower prices you get.


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