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Speed: 3.5
Features: 4
Support: 3.5
Security: 4
Price: 3
Locations: 4

Buffered VPN 2016

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About Buffered VPN

VPN is a universal tool that helps to get rid of geo-restrictions and censorship, which cause serious complications in user’s virtual life. This service keeps all your online activities secured and private. It also offers a safe access to public Wi-Fi hotspots, easy P2P file-sharing and flawless online streaming.

But does Buffered VPN correspond to all aforementioned criteria of an ideal VPN provider? Let’s see what it can offer in fact. This Buffered VPN rundown will show you both positive and negative sides of this relatively new VPN service.

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Buffered VPN Plans and Pricing

Buffered VPN prices, 2016

Though Buffered VPN Company can’t boast of being an old-timer, its prices can make you believe it is. What do we usually think of a high-priced service? That it’s snazzy, with millions of useful options and unique widgets nobody else has. But not always our assumptions are correct.

Buffered VPN has three pricing plans to offer. Its monthly package costs $12.99 and it’s really expensive. Even some of the well-known VPN providers, which have already gained a strong position on the market, like Nord VPN, are much cheaper.

Its biannual plan lets subscribers save 36% and costs $9.99/mo. But the best option is to choose an annual plan—it will cost you $8.2/mo. So, Buffered pricing policy is clear—the longer subscription you have the lower prices you get.


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Payment methods include PayPal and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Before you come up to this process you will have to pass through a registration procedure.

Note that this VPN provider requires email address and it doesn’t have such anonymous way of payment as Bitcoin. Of course, it seems to be a trifle but it does affect the anonymity level of this VPN provider and its subscribers.

Still, the payment process itself, namely card payment, is processed and protected by Braintree, a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider.

By the by, if you become Buffered VPN regular client, be aware of the fact that for the next payments the company will use the same method as you’ve chosen for the first time. In case you want to change it, you have to inform the company about your decision.

Unfortunately, Buffered VPN doesn’t offer its users an option of Free Trial. But it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means that you have the whole month for testing this VPN service and deciding whether its functioning can satisfy your needs.

But before you buy this VPN, please be sure that you’ve read these FAQs and policy to avoid further inconveniences:

Does Buffered VPN Offer a Free Trial?
How Does the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Work?
What is Buffered’s Refund Policy?
How Can I Cancel My Subscription and Apply for a Refund?

Buffered 30 days money back guarantee policy
Buffered refund policy

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But keep in mind that “if your usage exceeds 100 sessions, 10 GB of bandwidth or 10 hours of sessions during this period, you are not eligible for a refund”.


Buffered VPN Features

Buffered VPN is a Hungarian company founded by the team of Hungarian, English and American specialists in 2013. Headquarter of this company is located in Budapest what is a great place for VPN providers.

The point is that Hungary is a country which is far away form the surveillance of such organizations as CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) or US-based NSA (the National Security Agency).

The main aim of Buffered VPN is to provide its customers with a safe access to various Internet sources including geo-restricted websites like Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, etc. By the way, it is one of the best VPN services for Spotify streaming.

This VPN service also permits users to bypass online censorship. It is especially relevant while staying in such countries as China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia or others where the censorship policy is very strict.

Buffered VPN doesn’t have many servers but its compatibility level is rather high. Moreover, this provider supports several simultaneous connections.


Buffered VPN Features, 2016

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Buffered VPN Security & Privacy

As any VPN company Buffered VPN looks for the ways of boosting its security and privacy level. On their website the company assures you of the appropriate data control.

According to Buffered VPN privacy policy this provider stores your registration and login data. It also keeps information about the amount of data which is transmitted during the connection.

Buffered VPN doesn’t save information about users’ online activities, but it does keep information about connection duration for 30 days. Subscriber’s name and address are kept for a longer period of time because of the taxation laws.

Still, Buffered VPN doesn’t pass it to any other third parties except their own data processors. It also doesn’t disclose any private electronic communication or any information about the users’ activities on the network including emails, chats, VOIP calls, and websites visited etc.

Moreover, Buffered VPN has security measures which protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information which is under its control. By the by, you can request the rectification of your personal data in case it is incorrect or even object to its processing.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that in case of the Hungarian law inquiry, Buffered VPN has to reveal the data, the state bodies are looking for. At the same time you have a right to request information about your personal data kept by the company.

Buffered VPN hides your IP address and location using shared IPs. It has a powerful AES-256 data encryption and thanks to OpenVPN protocol ISPs won’t see that you are using VPN service. The fact is that ISPs will think that you are surfing secure websites with HTTPS like Gmail, eBay and others.

Overall, Buffered VPN is a secure and anonymous VPN provider. It is a great option for the UK citizens due to its Hungarian location and privacy policy. Buffered VPN keeps users’ data safe and also secures access to public Wi-Fi hotspots.



Buffered VPN Locations

Though Buffered VPN can’t offer you a wide range of countries where its servers are located, it has been working hard on this issue. Only for the last months this VPN provider has managed to add 7 new countries to its location list.

For now Buffered VPN has its servers in 33 countries. They involve such parts of the world as Europe (Germany, the UK, Austria, Italy, Poland, France, Ukraine etc), North America (The USA and Canada), Australia, Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland), West Asia (Israel) and East Asia (Republic of Korea)

Besides, in case you don’t find a necessary location, don’t worry as there is a solution. All you need to do is to let the company know where you need a server and there are high chances they will get it for you.

buffered vpn locations

Buffered VPN Compatibility

Buffered VPN service is available for different operating systems—Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. This VPN service also provides its subscribers with setup tutorials for each of the pre-cited platforms, routers (DD-WRT and Tomato-enabled) and Smart TV.

You can also make use of several devices at the same time—there is also an option of 5 simultaneous connections.

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Buffered VPN Installation and First Look

Only after you have created an account and paid for Buffered VPN service, you will be able to download a VPN client. Note that now Buffered has got VPN client v1.0 only for Mac and Windows platforms. Devices with other operating systems are also supported by this provider but require manual setup.

download buffered vpn

Installation process itself is not difficult and has almost no differences if compared to other VPN providers.

buffered vpn installation

As usual you need to enter you username and password.

buffered vpn login

If you pay your attention to the left corner at the bottom of the screen you will see Register button. In fact, its functional side will remain a secret for us. This button leads to the page where you can register and buy a VPN package. But why would a user need it if it’s impossible to get Buffered VPN client without registration and paying procedures? It’s a kind of VPN puzzle.

buffered main

The general look of VPN client is not bad but sometimes it seems to be clumsy. Though, we should remember that this provider is new and this is its first VPN client. So, we hope that soon all Buffered VPN subscribers will be able to enjoy its improved version.

buffered menu

There are several settings you can make use of.

buffered vpn settings

You can select a port and replace UDP with TCP. Of course, it is more reliable but it will slow down your speed sufficiently.

buffered vpn ports

Active Buffered VPN client looks in the following way.

buffered vpn connected


Speed and Leak Protection

Although Buffered VPN doesn’t have its own DNS servers, Kill Switch and extra Data Leak Protection, our tests proved that this VPN provider is safe. We didn’t find any IP or DNS leaks.ip leak test

dns leak test

Unfortunately, speed results were not so impressive. According to the Speedtest.net Buffered VPN speed is somewhat slow. Only US servers showed surprisingly high speed results. Note that this is the farthest location we checked. It seems that not all Buffered VPN servers were created equal.

buffered vpn speedtest

Fast.com has only a slight difference in speed results.

buffered vpn fastcom

By the by, on Buffered VPN website you can find results of its own download speed test.

buffered vpn own download test

Buffered VPN has unlimited server switching and bandwidth. Still, in order to change a location you need to disconnect form the server, choose a new country and only then connect to it. This switch off-on process is somewhat annoying and time-consuming.


Buffered VPN Support

This VPN provider has a solid Knowledgebase which embraces setup tutorials, articles and FAQ. Buffered VPN has also got its own blog where you can find useful information about VPNs and other news of the IT world.

You can find Buffered VPN in the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There is also an option of customer support via email form.

Speaking of Buffered VPN website, its layout is fine. It is not difficult to navigate and there is no chance you can get lost. The site contains all necessary data about this VPN service, its prices and minimum information about Buffered VPN team.




The Buffered website planning is good, but it can’t be called perfect. It doesn’t contain all information which may interest a potential subscriber, what, consequently, can become its first minus. On the other hand, the website structure is easy to use, so you won’t get irritated with any complicated schemes. We really appreciate the presentation of their team, as it is always pleasant to know who you are working with and whose product you are buying.

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Pros & Cons

Buffered VPN is a young provider which has both virtues and drawbacks. There is a reliable data encryption, 5 simultaneous connections and good privacy policy. Though, we didn’t find any data leaks, it would be also great for this VPN service to have Kill Switch and its own DNS servers.

Unfortunately, prices of Buffered VPN plans are really high and don’t correspond to its characteristics. Still, you can check this provider yourself and in case something is wrong get your money back within the first 30 days after your subscription to this VPN service.


  • Good security level
  • Non US based
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • No data leaks


  • No live chat
  • Pricey
  • Bitcoin payments are not available
  • No free trial

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  1. Collin says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 5
    Support: 5
    Security: 5
    Price: 4
    Locations: 5

    Buffered is really nice vpn guys! Prices are not so good but speed and support are awesome.

  2. ankur says: Reply
    Speed: 2
    Features: 2.5
    Support: 2.5
    Security: 2.5
    Price: 1.5
    Locations: 2

    This is not just the worst but a fraud vpn service.
    I signed up with them, cancelled the service the very next day because speed was so poor that I can’t use it for the purpose I brought. However It just doesn’t stop here.
    They didn’t refund my money saying that I have used for more than 10 hours.
    Ok so why the hell you mention ’30-day money-back guarantee’ on your website? why not mention ’10 hours money back guarantee’?
    This is a fraud, cheat company and most unhelpful customer service, beware guys.

    1. Andrew - Best-vpn.net says: Reply

      Ankur, thanks for your review. We’ve added a detailed block with screenshots of Buffered 10 hours / 100 sessions / 10 GB policy to the review. Thanks again. I hope you can solve your issue contacting Buffered support team.

  3. Abe says: Reply
    Speed: 2
    Features: 2.5
    Support: 2
    Security: 2
    Price: 1.5
    Locations: 3

    Scam! AVOID!!!
    “hassle free 30 day money back guarantee” is a lie.

    After 2 days found the VPN slowed my connection by >50%. Told that I had used the service for more than 10 hours and could not cancel. Flat out lied about the money back guarantee.

    Do not recommend! I doubt they will be around for even 6 months treating customers this way.

    1. Andrew - Best-vpn.net says: Reply

      Abe, according to our speed tests, using Buffered VPN can reduce the speed of your connection up to 10-15% but not >50%. Did you use any additional apps or proxies? Anyway you should contact Buffered support. We have forwarded your review with description of your issue to their support team, I hope they’ll fix that. Also we’ve added a detailed block with screenshots of Buffered 10 hours / 100 sessions / 10 GB policy to the Pricing section of our review. Thank you very much for your response!

      1. Bee says: Reply

        I had a 50% speed drop. Buffered tech support was unable to solve. Like others I requested a refund but because I used the service for more than 10 hours I was declined. Banned from their service for challenging them on this policy.

        A very unhappy ex-customer. Back to PIA and everything including VPN speed working perfectly.

  4. Core says: Reply
    Speed: 4
    Features: 5
    Support: 5
    Security: 4.5
    Price: 4
    Locations: 5

    I’m using Buffered for more then a year and I’m satisfied. I’ve started using their service with a monthly subscription and after
    two months I upgraded to their annual service. For this I had to ask the support to lead me through the process. They were very kind and helpful. Speed varies but usually it is acceptable.

  5. Lorenzo says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 5
    Support: 4
    Security: 5
    Price: 4
    Locations: 5

    ho provato Buffered per vedere Netfilx, era meravigliosa per me. Finalmente, perche a qui internet non e molto buono. Era facile per usare. Ho avuto una domanda per il support, loro parlono solo inglese, ma sono ancora riusciti ad aiutare. Mi piace questo VPN.

  6. robertson says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 4
    Support: 5
    Security: 5
    Price: 4
    Locations: 4

    I’m a little surprised at a few comments here. I’ve been using Buffered since beginning of last year and really have almost no complaints whatsoever. There was an instance where one of their US servers went down but I contacted support, they replied within 20 minutes or so and the problem was fixed soon after. Seems to me there are a few bitter people here who didn’t bother to look into what they were paying money for and then got pissed when Buffered didn’t exempt them from their terms. Why should they, really?

    I had the “pleasure” of working in support for a small tech company a few years back. The amount of entitled idiots who don’t read or understand very basic instructions was mind boggling. I have a feeling similar people are posting this crap here.

    I just felt like I needed to comment because it’s a bit unfair on Buffered in my view, my experience with them has been nothing but excellent. I’m currently on my second annual plan and see no reason to switch to another provider unless something dramatic happens with these guys.

  7. Noomy Li says: Reply
    Speed: 3
    Features: 2.5
    Support: 1
    Security: 3
    Price: 2
    Locations: 3

    Not so very reliable, at least in my area. Wanted my money back after I tested them for 10 days and it turned out that their “30 day money back guarantee no questions asked” are just 10 hours of service within those 30 days. I made the mistake that I subscribed a year because of the savings

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