Best Cheap VPN Services

cheap VPN providers
As with everything in life, we want to get the best value for money when choosing VPN service. We made this list of cheap VPN services keeping in mind that not everyone is ready to pay $10/month for a VPN, especially considering the fact that you need to buy annual plan to get truly amazing price per month. We decided to review only VPNs with less than $5 monthly fee (in case of annual subscription) and less than $8 (for 1-month subscription).

Best Cheap VPN Services

ProviderPrice (Annual Plan)Price (Monthly Plan)Free
Refund Option (Days)Accepts BitcoinWebsite
Private Internet Access$3.33
per month
per month
No7YesVisit site
nord vpn$5.75
per month
per month
Yes30YesVisit site
spotflux vpn$3.16
per month
per month
No45YesVisit site
per month
per month
Yes15YesVisit site
hotspot shield vpn$2.49
per month
No monthly planYes30NoVisit site

While considering purchasing cheap VPN, most of people considered using free VPNs as well. Do you really need to spend any money for the service you can get for free? The truth is that you will not actually get the same service. Sensitive data protection is the main aim of using VPN and using free substitutes may lead to loosing what initially was supposed to be protected. We strongly recommend using cheap VPN services rather than free ones. Besides, almost all of the services we listed offer free trial and money back guarantee so you be able to try those in no cost and decide which one works best for you. Remember, “If You’re Not Paying For It, You Become The Product”.

Best Cheap VPN Providers

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access
Protocols: Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec
Pros: No logs; Advanced features; 5 simultaneous connections; Fast; VPN Kill Switch; 24-hour support via live chat; 7-day money back guarantee; Multiple payment options.
Cons: Defaults to L2TP; No way to select specific servers.

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the winner in our list of cheap VPN for a few reasons. First, obviously it’s price as $3.33 per month is way below the fold. Second, it’s one of the most secure VPNs on the market. Third, great speed and five simultaneous connections allowed. Besides, Private Internet Access is compatible with almost every single device you can think of. Some users report lags of the IOS version, but PIA tries to fix all possible issues as soon as possible.PIA offers every feature you could expect from a top-notch VPN at a great price.

Speaking about drawbacks, PIA servers list is not that impressive (23 countries and a bit more than 3000 servers) but it’s totally enough for an average user. Also, PIA uses L2TP protocol by default. Of course, you can switch to OpenVPN, but who wants to spend time on things that should be applied by default?
PIA offers trial period with 7 day money-back guarantee so we recommend giving it a shot.

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nord vpnProtocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
Pros: No logs; Accepts Bitcoin; P2P allowed; Shared IPs; 256-bit AES encryption; Double encryption; 6 simultaneous connections
Cons: Slow

NordVPN is a Panamanian company owned by Tefinkom co S.A, which has got an experience in web hosting and renting out servers, and has been selling its services since 2012. NordVPN claims its main aim is the top-level security and customers’ protection and there’s no way to argue about security level NordVPN provides.
NordVPN offers no logs policy and double VPN option, which means that your data is encrypted twice. Considering this, it’s impossible to track you at all. It’s possible to connect 6 devices at the same time but Android app isn’t available yet (though beta-test was already started).
While betting on security, NordVPN sinks in terms of speed and number of servers. But besides that, it’s the most secured VPN you can get for less than $6 per month.

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Spotflux Premium

spotflux vpnProtocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP
Pros: No speed-throttling; No bandwidth limits; 5 simultaneous connections; Malware protection; Ad-blocking
Cons: Limited phishing site and malware blocking; Speed

Spotflux claims that compatibility is its second name and we tend to agree on that. They even offer separate plan for “Mobile only” usage. From the first sight it seems that Spotflux offers only annual plans, but don’t panic! When you start proceeding with payment, you’ll be offered monthly subscription, too.

Spotflux Premium offers common VPN features and adds ad-blocking and malware protection to the standard package. It also should be mentioned that Spotflux will noticeably slow your connection speed.
As Spotflux is a young player among giants, we are giving it a credit for ambitious plans and constant improvements.

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ibvpn reviewProtocols: Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec/IKEv2
Pros: Price; Features; No logs; 15-day money back guarantee; 256 bit encryption; Kill Switch & auto reconnect
Cons: 6-hour free trial; Keeps partial data; Sometimes slow

ibVPN is a top-notch VPN that offers great features for a reasonable prices. ibVPN uses Blowfish algorithm with 256 bit encryption to keep all your sensitive data safe and secured. In addition, it offers Kill Switch (if a disconnection occurs, it automatically closes all applications that are running and have been previously added to the Kill Switch list) and Auto Reconnect (connects you back when unwanted disconnections occur) functionality, which is a great deal for the price asked.

While offering cool features ibVPN keeps your partial data for 7 days (Time, date and location of a VPN connection; Duration; Bandwidth used) and has slow Torrent VPN speed. Nevertheless, ibVPN offers 15-day money back guarantee so feel free to try it out before making the final decision.
ibVPN offers several affordable plans and the most expensive one is just $4.84/month in case of annual subscription (includes proxy servers in ALL locations).

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