10 Best Free VPN Services to Keep You Anonymous and Secure

Sooner or later there comes a moment when an average Internet user realizes that a virtual world is not as rosy as it seems to be.

Website restrictions and a constant feeling of being spied can turn the net surfing from the blessing of modern civilization into its real curse.

There is no doubt, this problem couldn’t remain unsolved, and thousands of smart minds around the globe started their work on its solution.

The results didn’t make them wait and in some time the world saw a key to safe and anonymous net surfing, which got a name VPN.

VPN is a virtual private network, which helps a user to get rid of constant government surveillance, hackers’ danger, any data leaks and other unpleasant phenomena like these.

Besides, it allows access to the websites, which are usually restricted because of certain location peculiarities and strict censorship policy.

Modern VPN market has plenty of services to offer, but it’s not a secret that not every user is ready to spend a pretty penny on virtual security whatever high-graded it would be. Consequently, there comes a necessity of VPN services that are either free or at least include such option.

Here is a rundown of best free VPN services you can make use of.


10 Best Free VPN Services:

1. CyberGhost VPN

Website: www.cyberghostvpn.com

cyberghost vpn


  • based in Romania
  • 256-bit OpenVPN encryption
  • doesn’t keep any logs
  • Bitcoin payments are available
  • Kill Switch
  • Nat Firewall
  • IPv6/DNS leak protection
  • Transparency Report


  • number of simultaneous connections, servers and locations as well as speed depends on the pricing plan

The head of our best free VPNs list is CyberGhost VPN. Five years on the VPN market allowed this company to find out what a modern user is looking for.

This Romanian provider, certified by ISO, leads a serious transparency policy offering its subscribers a free access to its Transparency Report.

CyberGhost also belongs to those VPN services that do not keep any logs.

Beside privacy, security is another point this provider takes care of. With AES 256-bit encryption, IPv6/DNS Leak protection and Kill Switch, CyberGhost creates a hefty shield to keep its users safe from any governments’ or hackers’ attacks. Such top-notch protection level makes it one of the best UK VPNs.

It’s important to underline that CyberGhost supports P2P file sharing and all popular protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec). It prevents from access to malicious websites and saves from annoying adverts, too.

In fact, CyberGhost is one of VPN services a free version of which is rather impressive.

It includes options, which usually aren’t offered by other providers for free. CyberGhost free plan has no bandwidth restrictions and doesn’t require an account creation.

It allows access to 41 servers of 16 countries (on the whole, there are 600 servers in 30 countries, but this option is available for users or Premium plan only).

Free CyberGhost VPN package is available on Windows, Mac and Android platforms.

In case of some troubles, a user can get technical support via Live Chat (available 8 hours a day), FAQ or Troubleshooter. The Premium Support also includes a ticketing system.

By the way, CyberGhost has a free anonymous Proxy browser, too.

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2. Betternet VPN

Website: www.betternet.co

betternet vpn


  • 256-bit OpenVPN encryption
  • Hexa protocol
  • NeverAds
  • free VPN browser extensions
  • doesn’t keep any logs
  • totally free
  • no registration


  • not available for devices with Mac and Linux platforms

This VPN provider enchants users with its absolutely free service – there is no need to pay ever! Thanks to this Betternet has already got more than 38 millions of subscribers all over the world.

But it’s not the only virtue of this VPN, which attracts net users so much.

Betternet changes your IP address hiding your real location. It helps to access blocked websites bypassing Internet censorship. This free VPN also doesn’t keep any logs. All the information which Betternet collects includes the connection time of users and total amount of data transferred per day.

Speaking of its technical features, Betternet makes use of OpenVPN protocol with AES 256-bit encryption and IPSec protocol with 128-bit AES-CBC encryption.

Besides, this free VPN has designed its own Hexa protocol specifically for safe and fast connections of Smartphones with secure servers. It is used by Hexatech, a mobile app, and is more difficult to block than other protocols.

Beside this unique creation, Betternet can boast of one more widget like NeverAds – an ad blocker for Safari iPhone.

Betternet VPN is available for owners of devices with such platforms as iOS, Android and Windows 7/8/10.

It also offers free VPN extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. By the way, you even don’t need an email for downloading this free software as registration is not a must.

Note that Betternet is available as a free VPN due to the offers of free sponsored apps and some short videos. Therefore this VPN provider is very grateful when its subscribers help it to earn money downloading the offered apps and watching videos.

However, it’s necessary to emphasize that this free model covers only server costs.

In order to be able to cover HR expenses and to provide users with dedicated and new servers, Betternet has also got a Premium plan with some extra options.

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3. Hotspot Shield VPN

Website: www.hotspotshield.com

Review: www.best-vpn.net/hotspot-shield-vpn-review/

Users Rating:

hotspotshield vpn


  • 256-bit OpenVPN encryption
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • high compatibility
  • malware protection


  • a free service prevents access to some websites and all servers which aren’t located in the US

Another free VPN, which is worth your attention, is Hotspot Shield.

This VPN software provides users with private net surfing including safe Wi-Fi. Hiding its subscribers’ real IP addresses, Hotspot Shield allows them stay completely anonymous during their virtual trip excluding any possible tracking.

Though it may sound somewhat unusual and even awkward, Hotspot Shield uses only OpenVPN protocol.

However, in such a way it provides the most reliable 256-bit AES data encryption. On the other hand, it disables the use of other protocols like PPTP or L2TP/IPSec what can diminish the general number of potential clients.

Hotspot Shield VPN also includes malware protection which can block about 3.5 million of malicious sites. This VPN provider not only protects but also allows access to blocked websites.

However, note that a free service prevent access to some popular websites like Hulu or Netflix. Besides, it doesn’t block adverts and has access to US servers only.

Compatibility of this free VPN software is rather high and covers such platforms as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle and Linux. Moreover, you can make use of up to 5 different devices at the same time.

Hotspot Shield is a supportive free VPN service and offers its subscribers such kinds of help as tutorials, FAQ and tickets. For more information read our Hotspot Shield VPN review.

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