How to Spot a Bad VPN?

Anyone new to the whole VPN scene is almost assured of having a hard time between knowing what to look for in a good quality VPN service provider, and how to choose amongst the large number of providers that currently flood the online security market. Even after one gets to know what it takes to identify a worthwhile provider, it’ll still take a long while to test their service, and see how well they compare to their list of requirements.

How to Spot a Bad VPN?
How to Spot a Bad VPN?

How to Spot a Bad VPN Service Provider

Incase you don’t have that much time to test out which service has the best servers, how well the VPN you’ve subscribed to will work with your favourite websites or channels or the margin of speed that’ll be reduced once you subscribe to their service, then you might want to learn about a few tell-tale signs that’ll help you make a quicker decision. We have a number of indicators that anyone, including individuals with no technical experience, can take a look at and decide whether or not the provider in question is up to task. Here are a few of the signs that you might want to look out for:

1. Exaggerated Claims

A good number of people are fond of ignoring the fine details of the lengthy documentation that comes with a service, product or agreement that they happen to have just signed up for. The same unfortunately happens when most ordinary people are going through a VPN provider’s website.

When going through your providers website, you’ll find that a lot of the information about benefits and special features that you might get to enjoy as a subscriber are a bit difficult to wrap your head around. You might notice a subtle tendancy by the provider to oversell itself, by claiming for example to be ‘the world’s fastest VPN’, when in truth they only happen to be the fastest in a few areas where they have a strong number of their servers.

If the provider in consideration happens to be a lot more daring in their marketing efforts, they might even claim to be able to unblock every site in the world, something that’s really difficult to guarantee even for the top VPN service provider in the market.

The kind of content you should expect to read from a credible provider is that which shows uniqueness and places it aside from the rest of the other players, without seeming too ambitious. A worthwhile provider for example might talk of a special ability to enhance protection for its users while on public Wi-Fi networks that includes blocking ad and malware sites. If this is a feature that might peak your interest, you can go ahead and verify its truth by looking for reviews online that have more insight in regard to the said feature.

2. Poorly Defined Feature Details

In your quest to look for the perfect VPN, you’ll most likely encounter services that aren’t really clear enough in their description of what exactly a certain feature does to enhance your security.

A dubious provider won’t be very clear as to the type of platforms supported, locations covered, technical features or even the conditions guiding their refund guarantees. You’ll only get to read about the standard features that come with any other VPN provider; features that do nothing to separate them from other contenders. Worst case scenario, you might not even find the basic kind of details you’d expect from a company that’s rendering a service to you; details such as pricing and methods of payment.

Such a gross oversight can only be attributed to two things; the company is still in its infancy meaning they’re still in the process of getting their service up and running, or they’re not the type that are serious about satisfying the market.

3. Lack Of Accurate Identity Information

Due to the fact that you’ll be trusting your VPN service with the work of keeping your data and identity online safe & secure, its important that you get to be sure about a few things like where they’re based and even whose incharge.

These are the kind of details you expect to find on the About Us section of the site, alongside maybe a short story about how they got formed. Information such as where they’re based is actually important to you as a potential customer because you get to gauge how much issues such as browser history recording & legal disclosure policies are affected courtesy of the laws that are upheld there.

For those looking for a trustworthy provider, a generic story on the About Us section, followed by a company name that doesn’t turn up any results on Google just doesn’t cut it.

4. Lack Of Website Support

The number one resource that customers are likely to turn to in case they come across an issue they can’t solve is the provider’s website support section. This should ideally be a collection of setup guides, tutorials and troubleshooting advice where customers are encouraged to learn more about their service as they look to get a problem resolved.

A credible provider will even have live chat services and active email addresses that you’re able to turn to if you need expert assistance. This in itself is a simple measure of how much a provider cares about its customers. If you can’t find any avenues that you could seek help incae you run into a difficult situation with your provider, then its better to move on to one that you’re sure you’ll be able to get assistance with.

5. Inactive Websites

Since the VPN industry is one which the customers and the service provider are not likely to meet face to face, it’d be right to expect that all the main means of communication between the two should then be properly utilized. In such a case, the provider’s website is expected to play a large role in engaging its customers, and some will even go the extra mile to try and keep them informed about the many issues that revolve around online security.

You should therefore look for signs of active engagement from a provider’s site, and these signs include regularly published blog posts, active social media pages and even recent updates to their FAQ pages. The lack of these type of indicators only increase to the number of reasons why ought not to deal with a particular provider.

VPN Services You Can Trust

Below you can find a list of the most trusted VPNs in 2018.

ProviderPrice (Annual Plan)Free TrialRefund Option (Days)# of CountriesImmediate Support (chat, toll-free)Own DNS ServersSimultaneous ConnectionsWebsite
per month
No3087YesYes3Visit site
nord vpn$5.75
per month
Yes3057YesYes6Visit site
per month
Yes064YesYes5Visit site
per month
Yes524NoYes5Visit site

Conclusion on How To Recognize a Bad VPN

We guarantee that the five tips we’ve given above won’t take more than ten minutes collectively to apply. This way, you’ll be able to form an accurate opinion about a particular provider even before you subscribe to their service and test them out. Think we’ve missed one or two more tips that belong on this list? Tell us about it on the comments section below and we’ll see what we can do.

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