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About VPN

There is no need to point out how important it is to select the proper VPN service which will protect your virtual trip from various kinds of cyber attacks. We have no doubts that while looking for a VPN provider you will run across ibVPN. In order to make your life easier and save your time we have decided to give a short review upon this VPN service which includes short characteristics of its provider.

ibVPN is a Romanian VPN service, though you won’t find this information on their home page. In fact, it seems to be strange, as customers are eager to know where a headquarter of their potential VPN provider is located. However, you will be lucky to find out their life-period, namely 11 years of Invisible Browsing functioning at the virtual market and 6 years of ibVPN existence. So let’s have a look what results this provider has achieved and what it can offer its subscribers.

ibVPN Plans and Pricing

The pricing policy offered by ibVPN is versatile and it can satisfy various whims of the users. We’ll analyse those which have got the highest popularity:

ibvpn pricing

Ultimate VPN (VPN + SmartDNS)

This package offers you access to such restricted entertainment networks as Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Pandora etc (situated in US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, France and so on) and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Besides, it unblocks VOIP applications like Skype. This package will provide you with 94 servers in 39 countries and a good privacy level, remote assistance from their technicians and 3 simultaneous connections on the same server (via OpenVPN, L2TP & PPTP protocol), extra IPs and access to 7 proxy servers (UK, US, Ireland, Germany and Netherlands). The price you will have to pay for this kind of service is $4.84 per month in case you become ibVPN subscriber for the whole year and if you want a shorter time period, be ready to spend $10.95 per month only.

Total VPN (VPN + SmartDNS)

Total VPN is also good, but if to compare it with the previous one you will notice some difference in the service quality. First of all, there are a smaller number of the available servers – 77 in 39 countries. Besides, instead of 3 simultaneous connections you will get just one. As to the price you will have to pay $4.08 per month in case you are a yearly subscriber and $7.95 if your time period is less than 12 months. However, if to take into consideration the other features you won’t find so much difference between these two packages.

ibVPN DNS / SmartDNS (no VPN)

We were rather surprised to find out that ibVPN offers SmartDNS (i.e. an alternative of VPN) for those who are eager to get their favourite channels unblocked. There is only one connection, but this package can boast of a nice price – $3.08 per month (if paid yearly) and $4.95 (in case you want to buy this service for the whole year).

FREE Unlimited VPN (no SmartDNS)

This pricing plan captures everyone’s attention because of being FREE. The only thing to do is to share/tweet ibVPN in s social network like Facebook or Tweeter. Not bad for a free package, isn’t it? Nevertheless, do not expect to get sumptuous features like Ultimate VPN has. This plan can offer you just 10 servers in 10 countries and 1 connection, forum and email/ticket support, PPTP, not the worst speed and compatibility with Windows and MacOS Apps. Although the features are rather modest, the key point here is that they are completely free.

In addition to these options, ibVPN also offers Torrent VPN ($3.08/month if paid yearly, and $4.95/month if billed monthly) for Torrent downloading and file sharing specifically. US&CA VPN / UK&IE VPN / EU VPN (the same prices as Torrent VPN has) aimed at specific locations, and Small Business VPN ($14.58/month if paid yearly, and $19.59/month if billed monthly) for multiple simultaneous connections.

Moreover, ibVPN provides its users with 15-days money-back guarantee and 6-hour free trial. As to its payment methods they are as different as the packages themselves. You can pay by Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, WebMoney, Perfect Money, CashU, AstroPay and Payza.

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ibVPN Features

According to ibVPN official website in case you become its subscriber, it will provide you with the access to the restricted but so much beloved websites and mass media sources, and it does not matter where you are. You like BBC or Hulu but cannot get an access – then join ibVPN community. Obviously this company takes care of its reputation therefore it offers all possible security tricks in order to protect your data from curious eyes and any stealing attempts. ibVPN assures that you can forget about 3rd party tracking. At the same time this provider doesn’t keep logs therefore there are no chances to trace your virtual activity.

Another question your draw your attention at is compatibility. ibVPN displays a real perseverance in this sphere. There is a wide range of devices which are compatible with this VPN provider, namely Windows, Mac OS and Linux etc. That’s why there is no need to worry whether your gadget will be able to support this kind of VPN.

What we really appreciate in this service is its reliability. Sometimes there are situations when unwanted disconnections occur and consequently there is a high possibility to be exposed. ibVPN knows what to do in such cases. It offers Auto reconnect function, which connect you back to ibVPN after an unwanted disconnection. Besides, another tool of extra protection is Kill Switch which automatically closes all applications that are running at that time and have been previously added to the Kill Switch app list. In case there is a difficulty or a problem you cannot solve do not be afraid to ask for ibVPN support. This VPN service includes various options like FAQ, Live Chat and others.

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ibVPN Security and Privacy

The protocols offered by ibVPN include Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. All of them have got automatic installation via All-In-One-Client (for Windows OS). The most secure of them is regarded to be Open VPN, while the less reliable is considered PPTP. The encryption type is 256bit SSL or AES. If you want to change the protocol it won’t cause any difficulty. The changing itself is performed from within the desktop client.

As we have mentioned, this VPN service follows a set of principles which make the level of its security high. First of all, ibVPN does not keep logs and it means that it doesn’t save any information about users’ activities. As the provider is based is Romania, i.e. out of EU Data Retention Directive, it makes the whole process much easier. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that there are certain exceptions when some connection logs are saved for 10 days. It concerns time, date and location of the VPN connection, its duration and a bandwidth used during it. Though, the information required for the registration process is minimal and there are some ways of anonymous payment, like Bitcoin for example.

However, there is one perplexing question which grabbed our attention and made us think thoroughly about the quality of this VPN service. The point is that ibVPN uses not shared IPs, but dynamic. As we know, the last type presupposes a link to your real IP what makes it so easy to follow you. Shared IPs is better as it’s almost impossible to find out a user. We do believe that ibVPN must change its preferences in order to get better results.

ibVPN Locations

Speaking of the ibVPN servers, their number and locations, we can tell you that this provider has a nice collection of them all over the world. Moreover, this collection is rather numerous – about 100+ servers. The number of locations (63) involves 36 countries of different continents of the world. The locations list includes UK, US, Canada, France, Belgium, Iceland, Hong Kong, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Japan, New Zealand, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Chile, Argentina, Italy etc. Furthermore, ibVPN can boast of 5 proxy servers in UK, US, Ireland, Germany and Netherlands.

ibvpn locations

ibVPN Compatibility

The number of devices and platforms, which are compatible with ibVPN, is impressive. The owners of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) can freely use ibVPN services. There are no worries for the users of Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS, too. ibVPN works also well with DD-WRT-Routers, Roku Streaming player, Xbox Consoles, Playstation Consoles and Sabai Routers. Due to such high compatibility IB subscribers can freely choose what device they want to use.

ibVPN Speed

To be honest we have a mixed feeling on the speed matter. As to the Open VPN connection, obviously it has got an excellent result. L2TP connection isn’t so much impressive, but still it proves to be fine and satisfactory. However, for every plus there is a minus and, unfortunately, we did find it in ibVPN. The speed test of the Torrent VPN disappointed us greatly. It just made the whole process slow down a lot what consequently couldn’t but make us already regret about its trial. To cut the long story short we can tell you the following – the better package you’ve got and the more money you spend on it, the better speed you can wait for.

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