How to Install Covenant on Kodi 17.3 Krypton

If you’re looking to install Covenant Kodi 17 addon on your Fire Stick, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or Android, then you might have tried Phoenix, Alluc, Exodus or SALTS at some instance, because Covenant actually falls in the same category. Its perhaps one of the best add-ons if you hope to stream movies and TV shows on Kodi. Go through the rest of this article to find out how to install Covenant on both Kodi 16,1 Jarvis, and Kodi 17.3 Krypton.

How to Install Covenant on Kodi 17.3 Krypton
How to Install Covenant on Kodi 17.3 Krypton

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Protect Yourself – Use VPN

The use of a VPN service is to protect your activities online from being looked into by any other 3rd parties. Assuming you subscribe to a quality provider, your chances of receiving a copyright infringement notice or a DMCA from your ISP or any other copyright protection groups get highly diminished. They’ll be unable to track down any sites you visit, or anything else that you choose to stream or download. Using VPN with Covenant should allow you to stream whatever you wish, without any restrictions. Here’s a summary of what VPN will allow you to do:

  • Complete Privacy: Your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing online.
  • Work around ISP Throttling: If you’re keen enough when browsing, you’ll notice that your speed might drop from what you’re used to when you start streaming videos from your favourite channels. This is because your ISP limits your speed when streaming videos. A VPN service will help you avoid this by keeping your activities private.
  • Unblock Geo-restricted Add-ons: A good number of Kodi addons happen to be restricted to particular regions. A VPN service will allow you to unblock such restrictions and grant you access to all the channels you may wish to stream.
  • VPN Apps: Setting up a VPN connection doesn’t require that much technical experience since most credible providers have VPN apps that do most of the legwork. These apps will easily work on your Android, FireStick, PC. iOS or Mac device.

From what we’ve been able to test for in the market, IPVanish seems to stand the tallest among the rest as it is much easily compatible to use with Kodi. The service also adheres to policies that uphold the customer’s privacy, such as not keeping records of sites that have been visited. Aside from IPVanish, here are some others that you could consider:

ProviderPrice (Annual Plan)Free
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IPVanish VPN$6.49
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Steps to Installing Covenant on Kodi 17.3 Krypton

If you’re familiar to setting up other addons, then doing the same for Covenant shouldn’t be any more difficult:

  1. You’ll start off by launching Kodi Krypton, then clicking on the Settings Icon in the top left corner.
  2. Head over to System Settings -> Expert Mode -> Addons.
  3. Switch on ‘Unknown Sources.’ to install third-party add-ons.
  4. Click Yes after the warning box pops up
  5. Head back to the Kodi home screen, and click on the ‘Settings’ icon.
  6. Then go to File Manager -> Add Source.
  7. Select None and type out:  “”.
  8. Save it as ‘Colossus’ and then click ‘OK’.
  9. Again, from the Kodi home screen, select Add Ons.
  10. Select the Package Installer Icon at the top left corner.
  11. Decide to ‘Install from Zip file’ -> Colossus
  12. Then select and install it.
  13. Hold on until you see the add-on enabled notification.
  14. Thereafter, select Install from repository.
  15. Select the Colossal Repo & open it.
  16. Click on Video Add-ons -> Covenant and press install.
  17. Again, hold on until you see the Covenant Add On Enabled notification.
  18. For the last time, head back to the Kodi homescreen and select the ‘Addons’ tab from the left hand column.
  19. All the installed Video add ons, including Covenant, will appear here.

Steps to Installing Covenant on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

For those of us who still prefer to be using Kodi 16.1 Jarvis, here’s how you can install Covenant:

  1. Start by going to System -> File Manager.
  2. Choose to ‘Add Source’.
  3. Choose ‘None’ and enter:
  4. Then, Click ‘Done’.
  5. Then, scroll to the empty bar and enter: Colossus
  6. Click ‘Done’.
  7. Select ‘OK’.
  8. Now, from the home screen, go to ‘System’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Add-ons’
  9. Choose to ‘Install from Zip file’ -> Colossus
  10. Select and install it.
  11. Hold on until you see the add-on enabled notification.
  12. Then, select Install from repository.
  13. Select the Colossal Repo -> Video Add Ons.
  14. Pick Covenant and then install it.
  15. Back from the Kodi home screen, choose ‘Videos’ -> ‘Addons’ -> Covenant.

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How To Install Covenant on Kodi – Conclusion

Without a doubt, Covenant is easily one of the most highly recommended Kodi addons for the best in TV shows, movies, and general streaming. Some have even resorted to calling it ‘The New Exodus’. Given that you might find a few broken links every now and then, the service still allows you to choose from such a large variety of sources to stream from, and this guarantees that you’ll always stay entertained. Using a VPN service with your Kodi is one sure way to steer clear of any ISP or copyright troll cases since whatever you choose to view will only be known by you. Have some questions or comments you’d like us to address? Type them in on the comment section below and we’ll be sure to respond.

*Disclaimer: This article is strictly intended for educational purposes. does not condone, promote or encourage, any criminal or illegal activity in any shape or form. Your actions are your responsibility. Please check your local laws regarding torrents and pirated streaming. does not host any pirated content.

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