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About VPN

As people need shoes to protect their feet while exploring various places, so our devices require security in order to make us feel safe during the net surfing. The virtual trip may be of different distances and may hide plenty of dangers especially if you are eager to get access to some peculiar sources. The best protection you may provide yourself with is VPN (Virtual Private Network). And here comes the question of the quality and where we can find one of the highest level.

Though we do not specialize in shoes, VPN is something we can help you with. At least we’ll discuss the key issues which are important to know while choosing VPN and analyse one of the leading VPN companies at the nowadays market – IPVanish VPN. Being mature enough, this company provides its customers with all the necessary services pressing towards the acme of perfection. The lifetime of IPVanish VPN embraces 15 years of hard work which has resulted in thousands of their subscribers all over the world.

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IPVanish VPN Plans and Pricing

Whatever the level of quality is, a pricelist doesn’t play the last part. The pricing plan is accomplished according to the main duration principles. Those subscribers who choose the longest subscriзtion period will pay less than those, whose choice is opposite. The prices can’t be claimed to be the lowest you have ever seen, but they are reasonable enough for you to make a purchase.

The other plus is that you are able to test the IPVanish VPN service and in case of some technical bugs you have a full right to get your money back. However, it works only for the first seven days of your use. Therefore try all the services as soon as it is possible, in order to find out whether everything is alright. Good news is that IPVanish VPN gives you 3 days FREE trial to make your purchase decision easier.

So if you’ve decided to become IPVanish regular subscriber, you will be offered three packages for one or three months and for the whole year. Besides, IPVanish VPN provides its clients-to-be with discount coupons. There’s also a nice variety of payment methods which include credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Delta etc), PayPal, Bitcoin and WorldPay ( Ideal, Giropay, Alipay and so on).

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IPVanish VPN Features

Though the VPN market is full of various companies both, big and small, young and experienced, IPvanish takes a certain place in it. The foundation of the company was 15 years ago and, as we can see, IPVanish is still laying its way farther. Such term already presupposes experience, reliability and steadiness. These aren’t just assumptions, as there exist real facts to prove them.

First of all, it concerns the number of servers provided by IPVanish and their geographical distribution. It has got them in Asia, Europe, the US, Canada and Mexico. In general there are about 60 countries where the IPVanush servers are located. The connections quality and tech-support level won’t disappoint you, too. Moreover, you get all this stuff for fair prices!

Furthermore, if a potential customer is also guaranteed the first-rate security (and you really are), he or she can’t but be enticed to change the status of to-be into the active one. Who doesn’t want to feel safe? The IPVanish takes care of its security policy, as it’s a very important part of a VPN company strategy and its image depends on it greatly. It saves no browsing or chat history and doesn’t maintain details of your online activity.

IPVanish VPN uses the well-known zero logs policy which is so essential for staying safe at any time in any part of the world. Furthermore, you can even use Bitcoin for payment in order to feel safer, as it helps to stay you anonymous at all. The point is that you need just an email address and a password for this function.

IPVanish VPN works with different types of the protocols, and has a high compatibility, what makes us especially happy, because we won’t feel constrained in using any devices we like. You’ve got Windows XP or Mac OS X 10 – it won’t create any difficulties, too! You need VPN for two devices at the same time and think that it’s impossible? Then you are mistaken, as IPVanish VPN makes impossible possible only for you! The launching of the IPVanish app at OS start-up and users’ data memorization require the preference check marks.

Those customers, who are eager to keep a check and balance as an available service, will be provided a connection log, which can be found in the menu list. What is more, every subscriber is offered “IP Address Checker” addition, which you can easily find in IPVanish client menu. This helps customers to check their IP address whenever they want to connect to the new server in order to make clear whether the connection is well-off.

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