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While we agree that best VPN services should excel in all aspects, from customer support and number of servers to speed and performance, their main purpose is to provide top-level security for anonymous internet surfing. If VPN provider offers great prices, high speed and outstanding support but does not provide full anonymity and security – such VPN is not worth a penny.

Most Secure VPN Providers:

Provider Based in (Country) Blocks P2P Data Encryption (Strongest) Handshake Encryption (Strongest) SSL Website
air vpn Italy No AES-256 RSA-4096 A+, Self Visit Site
perfect privacy vpn Switzerland Some AES-256 RSA-4096 A+, Self Visit site
Private Internet Access USA No AES-256 RSA-4096 A, Self Visit site
VikingVPN USA No AES-256 RSA-4096 A, Self Visit site
Express VPN British Virgin Islands No AES-256 CA-4096 A+, Self Visit site

Most of internet users know that their data is not private anymore and each their step on the Internet is monitored. To secure themselves from being spied, millions of people started using VPN services in the past couple of years. However, not all VPN providers are as secure and anonymous as they claim. In order to provide fully secure service, VPNs should meet a number of criteria, from “no-log” policy to accepting Bitcoin.

Our Most Secure VPN list is based on only one criteria – security. We moved characteristics like price, support and number of servers to the back seat in advantage of fully secure an anonymous internet usage.

Most Secure and Anonymous VPNs



Pros: No logs; 256-bit AES encryption; Accepts Bitcoin; Port forwarding; Network Lock;
Cons: No live chat

AirVPN was founded in Italy in 2010. Their website doesn’t look fancy at all but in terms of security AirVPN went way further than its’ competitors. As all VPNs at this list, AirVPN does not keep any logs. While most VPN providers use 256bit AES encryption, AirVPN offers 4096bit handshake. Instead of ordinary “kill-switch”, they use so called “Network Lock” which “prevents various leaks that a classical kill switch can’t block”.

AirVPN ases own DNS servers and has a physical access to datacenters there their servers are located. All datacenter they use are network neutral, have bandwidth redundancy, not less than 99.8% uptime and dedicated port with guaranteed bandwidth for Air VPN servers.

In terms of payments, AirVPN accepts Bitcoin along with 38 additional cryptocurrencies. In addition, you can request 3-day trial by mailing AirVPN support.

Perfect Privacy

perfect privacy

Pros: Focused on privacy; Accepts Bitcoin; P2P allowed; 256 bit AES encryption
Cons: High Prices

Perfect Privacy is extremely focused on privacy and security. They do not log or store any traffic data and no user data is processed by any third party tools like Gmail or Zendesk. Perfect Privacy provides great speed, chain-linking of multiple connections and even remote desktop support. Torrenting and fileshering is allowed but due to copyright violations, Perfect Privacy blocks the most popular torrent trackers in some locations (currently it applies to servers in United States and France).

Perfect Privacy offers different connection types but it is recommended to use OpenVPN with 256 bit AES encryption. Their servers are hosted in 25 countries around the globe and to provide maximum security all management tools and internal systems are running in-house and controled solely by Perfect Privacy.

As creating such a secure VPN service requires lots of resources, Perfect Privacy is one of the most expensive VPN providers (€12,50 /month in case of one year subscription). In addition, there is no free trial on money-back guarantee.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Pros: No logs; Very fast; Cheap; Accepts Bitcoin;
Cons: No information on server loads

Private Internet Access is one of the most famous secure VPN providers on the market because on wide range of features, great speed and support. PIA is not very secure by default but can be made very secure using the following encryption algorithm: AES-256, RSA 4096 and SHA1 or 256. To improve security level, Private internet access offers features like Kill Switch, IPv6 Leak Protection, DNS Leak Protection and Shared IP System.

PIA does not keep any logs but as they use SendGrid as mailing service, it’s recommended to create an anonymous e-mail when signing up. They use own DNS caching and host over 2000 servers in partners’ datacenters in a number of countries (USA, UK, Switzerland, Paris, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Australia and Israel). Private Internet Access accepts Bitcoin and offers 7-day money-back guarantee. PIA provides great service on a comparatively cheap price and we surely recommend giving it a shot.



Pros: Focused on security; Accepts Bitcoin; Warrant Canary; 14-day money-back guarantee
Cons: Limited servers

Similarly to AirVPN and Perfect privacy, VikingVPN is solely focused on security. They do not keep any logs and even offer a Warrant Canary. As VikingVPN uses Google Apps for email it’s recommended to use PGP encryption for communicating with VikingVPN. Their PGP key is available upon request. VikingVPN does not block any ports so torrenting and filesharing is allowed.

VikingVPN uses “RSA4096 for the handshake, AES-256-CBC for symmetric encryption, SHA1 for data integrity checks, and a 2048-bit HMAC cipher for hardening against man-in-the-middle attacks. For the session/control channel, they use 4096-bit DHE which renegotiates hourly with new keys, creating perfect forward secrecy.”

They accept Bitcoin and Darkcoin and use TSYS payment gateway for all credit card transactions. Morover, VikingVPN offers 14-day money-back guarantee. Considering top-level security and customer support offered, we definitely recommend trying out VikingVPN.



Pros: Bitcoin accepted; No logs; Good support; 30-day money-back guarantee
Cons: Not as secure as previous VPNs on the list

ExpressVPN is considered to be today’s market leader when it comes to VPN providers. We totally agree with that as in addition to great speed, support, compatibility level and number of locations, ExpressVPN provides decent security. They do not keep any logs, use shared IP, allow BiTorrent and other file sharing traffic, accept Bitcoin offer OpenVPN by default. What else would an average user need?

ExpressVPN offers 30-day money-back guarantee so you will have more than enough time to evaluate its’ quality.

Main Factors to Consider When Choosing Secure VPN Provider


As some countries obligate VPN providers to keep all logging data it is important to know under what jurisdiction does VPN company operate.

Do they keep logs?

Keeping no logs is the most important factor when it comes to security. Despite the fact that there are only few countries that obligate VPN providers to keep logs, many VPN services keep logs even if they are not forced by law to do so. Also, keep in mind than under “no logs policy” many VPN providers mean not keeping usage logs (traffic logs) while keeping account details and connection logs. Connection logs are kept for troubleshooting purposes but this data can be harmful when in wrong hands.

Which payment systems do you use?

Accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is a good indicator of how seriously does VPN provider treat privacy.

Encryption level

We recommend using at least 256-bit OpenVPN encryption to fully protect you online privacy.

Shared IP

Shared IP means that many users are using the same IP so it becomes extremely difficult to identify an individual.

Additional features

Some VPN providers offer cool additional features like internet kill switches, DNS leak protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, port forwarding and server load information. Such features are great and we recommend considering their availability when choosing VPN provider.

Most Secure VPN Providers

Provider Based in (Country) Blocks P2P Data Encryption (Strongest) Handshake Encryption (Strongest) SSL Website
air vpn Italy No AES-256 RSA-4096 A+, Self Visit Site
perfect privacy vpn Switzerland Some AES-256 RSA-4096 A+, Self Visit site
Private Internet Access USA No AES-256 RSA-4096 A, Self Visit site
VikingVPN USA No AES-256 RSA-4096 A, Self Visit site
Express VPN British Virgin Islands No AES-256 CA-4096 A+, Self Visit site
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