HideMyAss Launched HMA! Pro VPN v3

HMA! Pro VPN v3
HideMyAss announced the launch of a new version of their software – HMA! Pro VPN v3. Developed to encourage those who have never used or considered using a VPN to control how and when they share personal data online, HMA! Pro VPN v3 offers a streamlined, friendlier interface, to do one thing: make using a VPN as simple as possible.

HMA! Pro VPN v3 users can now choose one of three easy-to-use connection modes, to fit their specific needs:

Instant mode

  • Anonymise your surfing and improve your protection from hackers
  • One button to switch it on – easy for anyone to improve their internet security
  • Automatically connects to the closest server for encryption and enhanced privacy
  • Great for using when logging on to online banking if connected to public Wi-Fi
  • Offers bank-grade encryption

Location mode

  • Access your favourite websites by using an IP address somewhere else in the world
  • Surf the internet like a local wherever you are for holiday or work
  • Automatically connects to the server that is closest to the location you want to be in
  • Still keep your preferred countries and cities stored ready to use whenever you want
  • Useful for bypassing filters placed on some Wi-Fi networks, blocking popular sites

Freedom mode

  • Get around censorship, blocks and internet shutdowns to keep information flowing
  • It knows which country a user is in and checks nearby countries for the fastest free internet use
  • Automatically cross-checks against Freedom Mode Blacklist
  • Just as handy for accessing information when you are travelling for work or tourism

The new version is also one of the only VPNs on the market to offer multiple languages. HMA! Pro VPN v3 is available in French, Italian, German, Spanish and – vital, considering current restrictions that make access to freedom mode all the more important – Turkish.

Find out more information at the HMA! Pro VPN v3 Reviewer’s Guide 2016.

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