VPN Servers and Locations Monthly Update (October – 2016)

vpn servers and locations update october 2016

Each month we update the list of servers/locations and countries of best VPN providers and here is our October 2016 updates list.

VPN Servers and Locations Updates: October 2016

ProviderNew Countries and Locations/ServersCommentsReview

air vpn new locations updates, october 2016
Switzerland (1 new 1 Gbit/s server located in Achird);

United Kingdom (4 new 1 Gbit/s servers located in the United Kingdom are available: Alshain, Asterion, Asterope and Chow);

Romania (1 new 1 Gbit/s server located in Alamak).

Total: 3 Countries, 5 Servers.
AirVPN announced 5 new servers in October in Switzerland, UK and Romania.

The AirVPN client will show automatically the new servers, while if you use the OpenVPN client you can generate all the files to access it through our configuration/certificates/key generator (menu "Client Area"->"Config generator").

New servers supports OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH as every other AirVPN.

Source: AirVPN Forum
No Review Yet
Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN locations updates, october 2016
Countries: Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa

Total: 3 new locations
Buffered VPN in their official Twitter announced 3 new server locations in Portugal, New Zealand and South Africa.

Source: BufferedVPN Twitter
Buffered VPN Review

nord vpn locations update, october 2016
Countries (and new servers number): USA (31), Canada (17), Sweden (6), Netherlands (4), Hong Kong (4), Singapore (4), India (2), United Kingdom (2), Latvia (2), Russia (2), and one server each in Spain, Japan, Belgium, Albania, Denmark, Slovakia, Brasil and Austria.

Total: 84 new servers in 18 countries
Great October network update from NordVPN! Just recently they added 84 new servers in 18 countries!NordVPN Review

VyprVPN locations update, october 2016
Countries: Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, El Salvador, Greece, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Pakistan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Uruguay.

Total: 15 new countries and servers
VyprVPN have added 15 new server locations around the world. These servers add to their existing network of over 700 servers, and with these additions VyprVPN is now available in over 70 locations globally!

Source: Golden Frog Official Blog
VyprVPN Review
VPN Unlimited

vpn unlimited locations update, october 2016
Countries and Locations: Croatia (Zagreb), Hungary (Budapest), Slovenia (Ljubliana), Estonia (Tallin), Latvia (Riga)

Total: 5 new countries
VPN Unlimited announced 5 new server locations and countries in their worldwide network in October. Now you may use their VPN Unlimited App with new servers in Croatia (Zagreb), Hungary (Budapest), Slovenia (Ljubliana), Estonia (Tallin) and Latvia.

Source: VPN Unlimited Twitter
VPN Unlimited Review
Windscribe VPN

windscribe vpn locations updates, october 2016
Countries: Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Taiwan

Total: 5 new locations
Windscribe VPN in their official Twitter announced 5 new server locations in October in Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Taiwan.

Source: WindscribeVPN Twitter
Windscribe VPN Review

Look for further October updates in this article.

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