Windscribe VPN Launched a New Version

windscribe vpn announced their new version Windscribe 1.61

Great news for Windscribe VPN users! The new version of Windscribe – Windscribe 1.61 – was announced officially. Your existing installation should prompt you to upgrade within 24hrs.

What’s new in Windscribe 1.61?

The Changelog of Windscribe 1.61 is here:

  • Added ability to select connection port;
  • Added LAN proxy support;
  • Added speed ratings;
  • Added ability to add OpenVPN params externally;
  • Added using custom DNS while disconnected to prevent DNS poisoning;
  • Added custom API resolution field to combat advanced DNS poisoning;
  • Added “Best Location” on the location list;
  • Added connection testing after tunnel initiation;
  • Added tooltip for “no p2p” icon;
  • Fixed crashing in MacOS Sierra;
  • Fixed LAN traffic bypass to work with UPnP devices;
  • Fixed debug log sender;
  • Fixed backup API usage logic;
  • Fixed CPU and energy usage;
  • Fixed multiple accounts info message;
  • Fixed multi-monitor menu placement in MacOS;
  • Fixed Windows taskbar icon in collapsed mode;
  • Enable Base Filtering Engine if it’s disabled in Windows 7;
  • Changed OpenVPN config location to a permanent one;
  • Changed server list scrollbar to be more visible;
  • Changed XPC to sockets in MacOS;
  • Changed TAP adapter metric on Windows 10;
  • Various stability fixes;

We would like to admit that Windscribe VPN is one of the most rapidly growing VPN provider on the market. They update their software rather often, have lots of features, provide free trial version and plenty of promotions and deals. We really like Windscribe VPN for their efforts to become better for customers and to provide privacy for the Internet users. We have reviewed Windscribe VPN and were surprised with their speed, options, security level and can recommend Windscribe as a reliable provider!

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