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About VPN

Security is needed? Then ShadeYou VPN is one of the best options you may choose nowadays. Though it has only started its functioning at the world market, the correlation of service quality and prices offered is rather impressive.


ShadeYou VPN Plans and Pricing

Reading ShadeYouVPN pricing plan you will be pleasantly surprised to find the reasonable system of discounts for those who trust ShadeYou and become its regular subscribers. The price policy presupposes the following – the longer you sign up for, the less you pay per month. Another positive moment is that you are offered a free trial what gives you the opportunity to try ShadeYou VPN before you decide to purchase the subscription. The only drawback is that you are given only 24 hours to test its work.


Besides, ShadeYou VPN provides you with the 7 day money back guarantee. However in this case you should be attentive enough not to overlook the fact that the guarantee mentioned above is valid only if you have got some technical problems in using the ShadeYou VPN service. It means that you will not be able to get your money back, if you have just changed your mind and do not have any serious reason for that. That’s why we can’t but mention that these terms of the first-week use are not clear enough and some misunderstanding may occur. The only thing we can tell you for sure – check everything before your final decision to make a purchase. By the way, the great news is that you can pay using almost any type of the card which you have and which is convenient for you.

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ShadeYou VPN Features

Being a small but runaway company, ruled by the experienced team, ShadeYou VPN is not less worth your attention than any other big partnership. Although it’s a Ukrainian company, ShadeYou VPN is registered in the Netherlands and its servers are located there, too. It can be explained with the higher level of privacy provided there.

Another big plus is the number of connections allowed by ShadeYou VPN. It’s difficult to believe but it can include 5 connections at the same time. Isn’t that great? You can hardly find such option anywhere else, especially at such a low price. Moreover it’s another moment which proves the protection reliability of ShadeYou VPN service.


ShadeYou VPN Locations

Though there are only 12 countries where its servers are provided, we hope that in the nearest future this number will increase greatly. At the moment this list includes such countries as: the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Spain, Canada, Germany, China (namely Hong Kong), Sweden, Bulgaria and Russia.

So if you want to unblock any website situated in different country, i.e. not the one you are staying at the moment, you just need to connect with a VPN server of a certain country. For example, you want to watch the BBC channel not only online but also for free – all you have to do is to get connected with the UK server using the ShadeYou VPN service.


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ShadeYou VPN Security and Privacy

The encryption protocols supplied by ShadeYou VPN embrace PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN. As to the PPTP and L2TP tunnels, they are standard and the Open VPN connection includes extra secure 256 bit AES encryption. Furthermore, so that to support the protection of your identity ShadeYou VPN uses shared IPs.

It is necessary to underline one more time, that in spite of the fact that ShadeYou VPN is a Ukrainian company, its servers locate in the Netherlands in order to protect your data from foes. Besides, such location allows using P2P network.

However, there is also a less pleasant moment connected with the terms of ShadeYou VPN Service and Privacy Policy. Unfortunately if you are looking for the detailed description of the terms of use you won’t be able to find it there. There is a certain lack of information, though the main items are rather clear and popular.

On the other hand, ShadeYou VPN can offer you a well-though-out logging policy. As we know, any VPN server may come across the situation when it has to give out the data material answering an inquiry of any legal authority. In such case any network power won’t be able to protect the users. However ShadeYou VPN found another way – it provides a log free VPN service and doesn’t keep any logs of the users activities. Of course, ShadeYou VPN will save you connection timing logs and the amount of bandwidth used by you. However all these data are not as dangerous as it may seem to be, because while connecting with the ShadeYou VPN server, you use a shared IP address.

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