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About VPN

Spotflux. Have you ever heard this name? We believe, you have, as it’s a rather well-known VPN provider. No? Then, probably, you’ve never used VPN before. But don’t worry – we’ll tell you what it’s all about.

As Spotflux VPN claims, compatibility is its second name. This company seems to feel rather confident on the international arena of VPN services. Spotflux birthplace is New York, so it means it works under the conditions of the USA law. A kind of intrigue, isn’t it? How does it manage to protect its subscribers from the peering eyes of American government being namely based in the very heart of it? Let’s find it out.


Spotflux VPN Plans and Pricing

When we’re looking for some services and products at first we pay attention at two things: quality and price. VPN service isn’t an exception. Whatever fantastic services a VPN provider has, if its prices are stratospheric, it will make you stop and think whether you really need it, and whether it deserves this sum.

With Spotflux we found out that there’s the third thing to play a dominant role – possibility to choose. In fact, it seems that this VPN company deprives you of this right. It offers just two pricing plan and, what’s astonishing, both of them are annual! But don’t panic, it isn’t so disastrous as it might be. The fact is that Spotflux VPN offers only annual pricing plans on its home page, but when you decide to get your package, you’ll be offered monthly subscription, too. However, we strongly believe such policy reduces the number of potential clients. People want to feel free to choose and don’t be limited like this (though it isn’t true, in fact). Wrong website structure and information presentation can spoil a lot. This one is a bright example.

spotflux pricing

As to these annual plans, they may be considered two versions of one, because the only difference they have is the list of devices they can be applied to. The last one is supported with native iOS and Android apps which make usage of Spotflux on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android 4+ much easier. Annual mobile version costs $29,99 and provides you with the following services: premium network, multiple server locations, ad blocking, high privacy, compatibility and customers’ support.

As to the other package (Spotflux Premium), it’s got everything the same, but for the types of devices it can be used on. It is suitable for the owners of Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. The price of this package is about $37.99/year, making it $3.16/month. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to come across the monthly package, you’ll find out that this VPN service costs $4,99 and it doesn’t matter whether you choose mobile or premium version.

Speaking of the payment, you will be offered three methods: PayPal, Bitcoin and CreditCard payment. The last one supports such cards as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and others.

However, despite the weird pricing policy, Spotflux does have things to be proud of. One of them is its money back guarantee policy. Usually we meet such terms as 7 or 30 days, but this VPN provider offers you a 45-day full money back guarantee. We could only dream of such long time period assigned for really thorough service testing. This magic number 45 can’t but make you forgive Spotflux small imperfections.

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Spotflux VPN Features

If you want to use your Internet potential to the maximum, Spotflux will recommend you to make use of its service. This VPN company, launched officially in 2012, guarantees you safe virtual trip and protection from all possible threats waiting for you there. Spotflux encrypts and secures your connection, and protects your privacy while browsing wherever you are: at home or travelling. No more troubles with malicious sites – Spotflux assumes control over it. To make the security level really high Spotflux, as any other VPN service, doesn’t keep its subscribers’ logs. Furthermore, you can get all this just in one click, as Spotflux installation doesn’t need you to be a highly qualified IT specialist.

One of the benefits Spotflux subscribers get is not only a reliable protection, but also data savings due to the compression of web traffic and reduction of the overall bandwidth during the browsing processes. Besides, after becoming Spotflux customer, get ready for the open and unrestricted access – this VPN provider won’t limit or block any content. Moreover, you should know that it will be you, who will choose the location of the server, and it doesn’t matter what kind of device you have – a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop – Spotflux offers a pretty nice compatibility level. In order to release you from the need to choose, Spotflux offers you 5 simultaneous connections – don’t be afraid to use more than one device at the same time.

Nevertheless, whatever fantastic the VPN service is, sometimes you need help looking for the correct answer. Spotflux will offer you several support options and won’t leave you alone, if you are a premium user, of course. Surprised? And not so much pleasantly, we believe. But the truth is – if you want some help you have to pay for it. In another case – look for your answers in FAQ zone and video blog. You can also send an e-mail, but don’t expect to receive a quick answer, especially if there are business hours. However, if you’re patient enough you’ll get a polite support and keys to the solutions of your problems. Besides, you won’t meet any language barrier due to the fact that the company is an American one.

spotflux features

As to the speed test Spotflux didn’t show any fantastic results. On the contrary, it led to the decrease of connection rate and it wasn’t a slight one we usually notice in VPN providers, this one was really great. Another thing to disappoint you is the number of servers offered by this VPN provider. It includes only 10. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough for the full use of the Internet.


Spotflux VPN Security and Privacy

The owners of the free Spotflux version will be offered only partial encryption which covers the data of the internet browsers, but they get a variety of protocols instead: PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/Sec. Those, who’ve got the paid version, will get much better encryption of their data, because it works even if the internet facility is being used by any third-party app. As to the protocol offered to them, Spotflux has chosen the best option – OpenVPN with a moderate 256-bit encryption.

As any other VPN company Spotflux follows zero logs policy, which keeps you safe from the curiosity of government institutions. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that Spotflux headquarter is located in the US, the place which is not so friendly for free Internet use. Though this VPN provider tries to do its best in security system, its location still bothers a lot.

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Spotflux VPN Compatibility

Like locations question, compatibility isn’t something Spotflux can be proud of. It does support a standard number of devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, but it seems to have forgotten about Linux, Routers and BlackBerry users. If Spotflux really wants to be the best it has to change the strategy of its work and pay more attention to the clients needs. Though, there’s still one point we really like about this VPN provider – it offers 5 simultaneous connections. Such diversity is really helpful and enables you to use several devices at the same time.

spotflux compatibility

Spotflux VPN Speed

Be as fast as possible is a motto (at least one of them) of every VPN company, but Spotflux has failed to prove it. In modern world the absence of the high Internet speed can make people nervous or even cry, it can stop the serious production processes and money flow. We tell you this to show how important it is to offer a nice speed level. With Spotflux, however, be patient enough to wait for what you are looking for. It does make your Internet work slower. Unfortunately, it’s a big minus for its reputation.

Spotflux VPN Support

Spotflux offers different kinds of support: live chat, email service, ticketing, FAQ, video blogs and social networks, but you get all these options only after becoming Spotflux subscriber. Besides, in case you want to use live chat you need to have a premium service package. As to the speed of customers help, it’s different. If there is busy time, you may receive your answer only in 4 or even more hours, but if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get your help in several minutes. As to the politeness and professionalism of the Spotflux team, we’re really satisfied, as they always put the customers’ needs on the first place.

Pros and Cons

Spotflux looks like a teenager: it wants to show its best, but it doesn’t have much experience for this. We think it’s a prospective VPN provider, but we’ll be ready to recommend it in some time, after it will improve its speed and the number of servers. The only thing we can tell you now – choose another VPN provider, until Spotflux reaches its top.

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