How To Stream The 2018 Australian Open Live on Kodi

The 2018 Australian Open is set to begin in early January, and it’s set to be the years initial Grand Slam tennis tournament. If you’re a tennis fan and you don’t see yourself flying to Australia to watch the matches live, then the second best way to enjoy the games in by streaming it on Kodi live using your Android TV, Xbox, PC, Raspberry Pi or FireStick. For those wondering about how to watch the Australian Open on Kodi 17 Krypton, or even the Kodi 18 Leila, we’re going to help you get set up by showing you exactly what you need to do, and also show you how you can realize the full potential of your Kodi through VPN.

How To Stream The 2018 Australian Open Live on Kodi
How To Stream The 2018 Australian Open Live on Kodi

Top VPN for Kodi

Streaming The 2018 Australian Open On Kodi From The US

If you happen to be living in the US, you probably know that a good portion of what you get to watch on TV is largely controlled by cable TV networks. The same applies to the broadcasting rights of the 2018 Australian Open, and the rights are held by American sports news giant, ESPN. This doesn’t entirely mean that viewers living outside the USA are completely barred from streaming the tournament. All you have to do is to use a VPN connection and get connected through an American IP address, and also sign in using an accepted American cable subscription. Follow the steps below and you’ll easily be able to watch the 2018 Australian Open Live on Kodi from the US:

  1. Start Up Kodi.
  2. Open Addons.
  3. Select ‘Package Installer’.
  4. Decide to ‘Install from Repository’, then ‘Kodi Add-on Repository’.
  5. Click on ‘Video Addons’.
  6. You should see ‘ESPN 3’ or ‘ESPN Player’ on that list.
  7. Select ‘ESPN 3’ then Install.
  8. Hold on for the ESPN 3 Addon Enabled pop up.
  9. From the Kodi home screen, select the ‘Addons’ tab.
  10. This is where all the video addons you install will appear.
  11. Proceed to Launching ESPN 3.
  12. Enter your username & password.
  13. After successfully singing in, you’re set for watching the Australian Open Live on Kodi.

Streaming The 2018 Australian Open On Kodi From Europe/UK

Similar to how ESPN has the broadcasting rights to this tennis tournament in the US, in the UK and throughout Europe, Eurosport has privileges over this rights, meaning they’re the ones that have full control over viewership. To view it on your Kodi, you’ll need to get a Eurosport Player subscription so that you have the necessary credentials required to access their network. You’ll also be using a Kodi addon, so the first thing to do is to get the Kodi Nerds zip file. Here’s how everything should go:

  1. We’ll start by downloading the Kodi Nerds zip file from here.
  2. You’ll then launch Kodi and open Settings.
  3. Navigate through System Settings -> Expert Mode -> Addons.
  4. Switch on ‘Unknown Sources’.
  5. Click ‘Yes’ after the warning box pops up.
  6. Go through Addons -> My Addons.
  7. Look for Videoplayer InputStream, then click on it.
  8. Ensure that InputStream Adaptive & RTMP Input are enabled.
  9. Head back to the Kodi home screen, and select the Package Installer Icon.
  10. Select ‘Install from Zip file’ and find the Zip file you’d downloaded earlier.
  11. You can do that by searching for ‘’
  12. Give it a minute or two for the add-on enabled notification.
  13. Go ahead and Install from repository.
  14. Select Addons -> Video Addons.
  15. Choose Eurosport Player and Install it.
  16. Again from the Kodi home screen, head to Videos -> Addons -> Eurosport Player/
  17. You can now sign in through the Eurosport Player subscription & stream Australian Open 2018 live on Kodi.

Using VPN to Unblock More Content on Kodi

A good number of Kodi addons are difficult to access especially if you happen to be abroad. This is because of the numerous geo-restrictions that have been set up to restrict such access. This is bad news for British and even American expats since it’ll be really hard to rely on those plugins when based out of their home countries. There is however one solution that they can rely on to work around the restrictions, and it involves using a VPN service with your Kodi. There are plenty of benefits that you stand to gain from doing so, and some of them include:

  • Guaranteed Privacy: Using a VPN means your online security gets a boost, and your connection becomes encrypted. Your identity therefore becomes hidden, and your access to the Internet is facilitated by servers based in many countries throughout the world.
  • Avoid ISP Throttling: One of the measures that ISP providers put in place to control your Internet use is slowing down your connection especially when your doing bandwidth intensive things such as streaming HD videos. A VPN conceals your activity from your ISP so they won’t even know what you’re up to.
  • VPN Apps: Most VPN apps today are built with ease of use in mind, making it user-friendly even to individuals who have no technical experience. They’re sure to work on platforms such as Mac, Android, iOS, FireStick and PC.
  • Access Regionally Restricted Kodi-Addons: VPN will allow you to get hold of Kodi addons that you wouldn’t normally be able to access based on your location. You’ll then be able to stream & watch a lot more of your favourite content from around the world.

For the best experience with Kodi addons, our top recommendation goes to IPVanish, since they happen to have built their apps with the Kodi user in mind. You’re free to test their service through the 7-day refund policy that they offer, and see how well it works for you. If you’d like to carry out the comparisons yourself, then perhaps our list of the best VPNs to use with Kodi in 2018 might help you out:

ProviderPrice (Annual Plan)Free
Refund Option (Days)# of CountriesImmediate Support (chat, toll-free)Own DNS ServersWebsite
IPVanish VPN$6.49
per month
No760NoYesVisit site
per month
No3087YesYesVisit site
per month
Yes064YesYesVisit site
nord vpn$5.75
per month
Yes3057YesYesVisit site
hide my ass$4.99 per monthNo30200YesNoVisit site

Conclusion on Streaming The Australian Open on Kodi Live

As much as we advise our readers of the numerous advantages of using Kodi Addons, we also have to make sure that we caution them on the existence of third party addons whose use is illegal in your region, and are capable of doing a lot of damage to your device. To stay on the safe side, try and conduct enough research online about any addon you’re considering before going ahead to install it on your Kodi.


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