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Price: 3.5
Locations: 5

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About VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited App is a great product of KeepSolid Inc. – USA based company, that offers network protection tools and safe-surfing software. KeepSolid developed VPN app in 2013 and it made real revolution at VPN market. Why? Because they removed time-based subscription limits for their product and offered first lifetime unlimited VPN protection software. And they called their app appropriately: VPN Unlimited App.

Today VPN Unlimited has extensions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and most popular web browsers. Their annual and monthly plans prices are below the average and their Infinity Lifetime Plan ($99.99) is cheaper than lots of annual plans of other VPN providers.

VPN Unlimited offers the wide range of locations, strong encryption, self-developed protocol (KeepSolid Wise) and many other features that will guarantee you safety Internet usage.

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VPN Unlimited All Features Table:

Technical Features
Protocols: KeepSolid Wise, OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, IKEv1/IPsec, L2TP, PPTP
PGP Key Available: Yes
IPv6 Supported: No
Kill Switch: No
P2P: Yes
Own DNS Servers: Yes
Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows Phone, Chrome
Apps and Extensions
Windows: Yes
Mac OS: Yes
Android: Yes
iOS: Yes
Linux: Yes
Steam: No
Google Chrome: Yes
Mozilla Firefox: Yes
Other Apps:
Security and Privacy Features
Data Encryption (Max), bit: 256
Data Encryption Type: AES-256-CBC, AES-256-GCM
Handshake Encryption (Max), bit: 4096
Handshake Encryption Type: RSA-DHE-4096
Timestamps Logs: No
IP Logs: No
DNS Leak: No
SSL, Class: Class A, Self
Locations, Connections, Bandwidth
Number of Countries: 50+
Number of Servers: 1500+
Connections / Devices: 5
Bandwidth Limits: No
Support and Customer Care
Immediate support (chat, toll-free): Yes
24/7 Support Availability: Yes
Support Languages: English
Knowledgebase, F.A.Q.: Yes
Video Tutorials: No
Pricing, Freebies, Discounts
Monthly price (annual plan) $ 2.50
Monthly price (1 month plan) $ 5.99
Free Trial: Yes
Moneyback (days) 7
Accepts Bitcoin: Yes
Anonymous Payment: Yes (gift cards)
Referral Program: No
Discounts and Special Offers: 10% off for all subscription plans. Coupon code "KEEPSOLID2017DEAL"
Other Info
Based in: New York, USA
Launched in: 2013
Ratings and Trophies
Our visitors rating:
TrustPilot Rating:
PCMag Rating: Excellent
Bestvpn.com Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Our Verdict: Recommended
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VPN Unlimited Plans and Pricing

vpn unlimited app prices
VPN Unlimited has 3 pricing plans based on different time periods. Usually, VPN providers offer plans for 1, 6 or 12 months, sometimes including an option of a free trial. VPN Unlimited has one more plan – “Infinity” which is unlimited in time. They offer 7-days money back policy and you may be sure you’ll receive your refund without any annoying questions.

On the whole, its pricing policy is very reasonable (cf. VPN Unlimited costs $ 2.50 per month whilst ExpressVPN will cost you at least $ 8.32 per month).

For now, you may buy Infinity Lifetime VPN Unlimited App with a huge -80% off discount for $99.99. The offer is time limited. What is more, KeepSolid gives -10% off discount for all subscription plans. The coupon code is “KEEPSOLID2017DEAL”.

These prices are specified for 5 different devices or simultaneous connections. But there is an option to buy additional devices if you need so.

vpn unlimited prices for additional devices

So if you need to protect the Internet connection in your office or you have a big family – VPN Unlimited will care about that.

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VPN Unlimited Features

To make its users feel comforted VPN Unlimited takes care of their security and privacy. In a nutshell, the data you will send or receive using this service will get a reliable protection against the sniffers and other third parties. This concerns public Wi-Fi connections, which often turn out to be users’ weak spot, too.

VPN Unlimited also leads a policy of high privacy and makes it impossible to trace its users back.

VPN Unlimited offers such features as:

  • Self KeepSolid Wise Protocol. Thanks to using the TCP 443 port, and with the OpenVPN protocol forming its backbone, KeepSolid Wise technology becomes extremely difficult to detect and block. Now, your VPN traffic appears like an innocent-looking transformed traffic instead, e.g. standard HTTPS. KeepSolid Wise currently is available for iOS 9 or later, Android, Windows, and Linux devices at no additional cost to you.
  • Personal VPN Server. Personal server boosts your speed using VPN connection. Moreover, no one will be able to determine that you are using a VPN service. Personal VPN server can be really vital for gamers, protecting you or your team from DDOS and hackers attacks without speed lugs.
  • Personal Static IP. The Personal IP is ready for use from any VPN Unlimited client app in one tap. Need dedicated IP with VPN for your banking operations, mailing, virtual location or any other needs? You will get it with VPN Unlimited!
  • Additional Devices. If you need VPN for more than 5 devices, VPN Unlimited gives you an opportunity to buy additional devices for less than $0.99 per month.
  • Different Apps and extensions and multi-device compatibility. VPN Unlimited is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

vpn unlimited features table

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VPN Unlimited Security & Privacy

VPN Unlimited makes use of the main protocols which are necessary for an effective VPN functioning. These are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. The first two encryption protocols (i.e. PPTP and L2TP/IPSec) are used for devices with such operating systems like iOS and Mac.

Owners of Windows, Android and Linux OS will get a stronger encryption of OpenVPN protocol. Though, if there is a chance to choose between the protocols we always recommend selecting OpenVPN because it is a great combination of high data protection and a good speed level. Besides, nowadays AES 256-bit data encryption provided with OpenVPN protocol is still considered to be the most reliable one.

Note that being a subsidiary of KeepSolid Inc., VPN Unlimited has a full access to KeepSolid Wise technology which allows not only a pre-cited “stealth mode”, but also the TCP 443 port and SHA-1 authentication. VPN Unlimited uses RSA-DHE-4096 handshaking. Being provided with such security level you will be able to use the Internet safely. Moreover, beside high-grade security VPN Unlimited also offers anonymity of you online activities. All the options mentioned above will make you invisible even to Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) firewalls.

However, it’s necessary to mention that VPN Unlimited is based in the US, New York. This fact may upset a pretty good number of customers as it means that this provider is under the NSA surveillance. Despite this fact, VPN Unlimited ensures that they do not keep any users’ logs or their private data. So, it is up to you whether to trust a VPN Unlimited no logging policy or not. Here are some more facts you should know about the privacy policy of this VPN service:

  • KeepSolid Inc. may also collect certain contact information from you, including without limitation: first and last name, organization name, city, state and zip code and phone number.
  • KeepSolid Inc. services may also require access to the Contacts email addresses on your device in order to give you the possibility to invite them to use a service and get bonus subscriptions.
  • KeepSolid Inc. doesn’t send any unsolicited emails or disclose these addresses to any third parties.
  • KeepSolid Inc. has no access to your database password or any data stored in your local database on your devices.
  • KeepSolid Inc. does NOT collect and log any user activities while using any of their VPN services, except the total amount of web traffic for each session and session dates, for displaying them in user’s web cabinet and within the VPN client apps.
  • KeepSolid Inc. also stores the information about the amount of connected devices for each account, as the maximum permitted amount is limited.
  • If you send SMS messages through the Services, KeepSolid Inc. will collect and maintain the call data (recipient phone number, size and time of message and other transactional data).
  • In accordance with the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) KeepSolid Inc. does not intentionally collect nor solicit personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen (13) years of age.

In order to make its private policy more transparent for users, KeepSolid carries a Transparency Report.

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VPN Unlimited Special Offers

VPN Unlimited has also got some special offers. This is a personal server and a personal static IP.

A personal server boosts user’s security level which helps to overcome even the most severe censorship. Besides, it also amps the general speed up. Each personal IP has a clear history without any black spots of the previous users. The server which you will purchase will belong only to you from the very beginning of its use. It will also enable you to set a VPN connection on your Wi-Fi router and will make you a VIP client.

Another offer which is allotted for VPN Unlimited users is a personal static IP, a monthly price of which is $14.99. So, what does it give? Having a personal IP, you will be able to access your online banking or mailbox anywhere securely and get an access to the extended list of blocked websites. And again, like a personal server, any personal IP has a clean history and belongs only to one user.

VPN Unlimited also offers Chrome extension.

unlimited app main

It includes all the available servers and is easy to use.

vpn unlimited chrome servers

Moreover, VPN Unlimited provides WebRTC leak protection what makes the Internet surfing even more secure.

vpn unlimited chrome settings

This service allows users to use Chrome extension and Client Unlimited at the same time. But note that a prioritised server will be the one you will choose in Chrome extension. Besides, their simultaneous work doesn’t influence the speed.


VPN Unlimited Locations

VPN Unlimited has 1500+ servers with unlimited speed over 50+ countries. All the servers are highly protected and private and will make your virtual trip both fast and safe. It’s also important to underline that almost all of the VPN Unlimited servers support P2P file-sharing for the safety torrenting.

vpn unlimited locations

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VPN Unlimited Compatibility

In modern era of various gadgets, it is vitally important for a VPN provider to make sure that its service is compatible with all popular devices and their OS. VPN Unlimited shows great results in this task. This provider can be used on different popular devices like desktop, tablets, mobile phones and routers.

The range of available platforms is also impressive and involves the following – Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, and Linux. You can find a set of short descriptions of VPN peculiarities for each of these operating systems. You can also use their browser extension for Chrome. Besides, VPN Unlimited permits up to 5 simultaneous connections.

vpn unlimited compatibility

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Setup Process

Though VPN Unlimited takes care of its clients and offers technical support with the setup process which you can find in their knowledge base, but in fact, you won’t even need to make use of it. VPN Unlimited setup process is as easy as a pie and doesn’t take much time, too.

After downloading VPN Unlimited on your device, all you have to do is to start the setup process just following the guide steps.

vpn unlimited installation start

Having installed a VPN, your nest step is either to create a new account or log in using one of the social networks (in case you already have a KeepSolid ID).

vpn unlimited login

vpn unlimited login 2

After this you will see a VPN Unlimited guide which tells about the advantages of VPN Unlimited and importance of a VPN service in general, and explains how to use it.

vpn unlimited starting guide 1 vpn unlimited starting guide 2 vpn unlimited starting guide 3 vpn unlimited starting guide 4 vpn unlimited starting guide 5

Having finished reading a guide, you will be able to start VPN Unlimited app. By the way, a VPN Unlimited panel you will see includes more additional prompts.

vpn unlimited starting help

The server selection is also easy. You choose a necessary location and get connected to it.

vpn unlimited client windows


Additional settings

You can also make some changes in settings. This may be a change of Account Password and switching ON and OFF of password protection.

vpn unlimited settings

You can also have a look at the usage statistics.

vpn unlimited statistics

In the network settings you can find three more possible options of boosting your security. To be on the safe side, we highly recommend you to switch on all of them. This will prevent any chances of DNS leaks and connection drops. Note that default settings are often accompanied by DNS leaks, so switching of DNS Leak Protection ON is a real must.

unlimited vpn dns leak protection


VPN Unlimited Speed Test

Probably, one of the most annoying things which can happen while using a VPN service is a speed slow down. Fortunately, VPN Unlimited doesn’t belong to the providers which can cause such troubles. According to our speed test, all VPN Unlimited servers showed good results and loading of webpages didn’t make us wait for a long time. We really appreciated a possibility to watch video even in 720p, what isn’t a very frequent phenomenon of VPN providers.

According to speedtest.net VPN Unlimited has the following results:

vpn unlimited speedtest results comparison

As you can see the figures are rather good. By the way, we were pleasantly surprised by the UK server the speed of which was very high and even exceeded the original one. The US servers had the lowest speed, but still its’ fine if to take into account the distance.

Results of the fast.com. speed test (Netflix servers) are also fine.

vpn unlimited fastcom speed test compare

This provider also has a reliable DNS leak protection. Using DNSleaktest we didn’t find any leaks. (Note that we had Stop DNS Leak option (Network Settings) turn on).

vpn unlimited dns leak test

We have also checked VPN Unlimited for IP leaks and didn’t find anyone. IP leak test didn’t show our real IP.

vpn unlimited ip leak test

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VPN Unlimited Support

Another characteristic which influences a provider’s reputation is its customer support. Even if a VPN service is perfect, there may be a necessity of some consultation concerning the setup process or paying methods, for example. Therefore, for VPN services it’s important to be quick and accurate in answering the clients’ questions.

VPN Unlimited users have a 24/7 email support. The support team is polite and aware of all technical issues.

There is also one more thing we would like to pay your attention to. VPN Unlimited has a number of tutorials in its knowledge base for owners of different platforms which involve answers on the most popular questions.


Surfing VPN Unlimited website is really pleasant and easy. You can find all the necessary categories quickly and find out that they are rather informative. Its general layout is logical and creates a nice first impression of a VPN Unlimited team. Its homepage shows a short description of all VPN technical, and not only, features – a short explanation of a VPN service, its benefits, server locations map, available platforms, users’ and media testimonials. Besides, in its bottom you can find social network links and a brief plan of the whole website structure. On the top of VPN Unlimited website, you will see information about your IP, location and status (protected/unprotected).


VPN Unlimited is one of those services you can talk a lot about. It has a good security level, but its privacy policy still remains somewhat murky because of its US location. Compatibility as well as speed has satisfied our expectations. VPN Unlimited has reasonable prices and its packages vary in time periods. We were also pleasantly surprised by the available extensions. On the whole, this is a good service which has more pluses than minuses.


  • KeppSolid Wise technology
  • Low price ($2.50 per month)
  • Unlimited speed and traffic
  • Servers in 50+ countries
  • DNS/IP/WebRTC leak protection
  • Additional devices option
  • Personal VPN Server option
  • Personal Static IP option


  • Based in the US

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  1. Di Devi says: Reply
    Speed: 2
    Features: 1
    Support: 1
    Security: 3
    Price: 1
    Locations: 5

    I have NEVER had an update to KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited that actually worked without having to contact their support MORE THAN ONCE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE PROBLEMS. This appears to be a Russian company.

    I got a 3-year deal for $20 and it is NOT worth it. The service DISCONNECTS AT LEAST ONCE A DAY.

    After this latest update, it takes a full 12-15 minutes before VPN can connect.

  2. Igor says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 5
    Support: 5
    Security: 5
    Price: 5
    Locations: 5

    Fast and reliable service

  3. Joao says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 5
    Support: 5
    Security: 5
    Price: 5
    Locations: 5

    Got its Lifetime subscription on a sale for $69.99. Never had a problem with this VPN. Using it on Mac and iPhone and both apps work just fine.

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