How to Unblock American Amazon Prime Video outside USA

For many foreign expatriates, the fact that American Amazon Prime Video is geo-blocked in Australia, UK, Canada, and Germany normally comes as a rude shock. This is because once they settle in, most expect to continue streaming Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour even when residing outside the United States. Is there an alternative that will allow them to watch US Amazon Prime Video abroad?  Read through this guide about Smart DNS and VPN to find out.

How to Unblock American Amazon Prime Video outside USA
How to Unblock American Amazon Prime Video outside USA

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Unblocking American Amazon Prime Video outside USA via VPN

VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) happens to be one of the most reliable solutions you can use to bypass regional restrictions and unblock American Amazon Prime Video on your Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Smart TV, iOS, Android, PC, PS4 or Mac. VPN works by replacing your actual IP address with a remote one, & this allows you to browse through the sites and channels that were previously restricted from outside access. Here are five steps that’ll guarantee you get to unblock American Amazon Prime Video in Australia:

  1. Go to ExpressVPN and create an account.
  2. A link to their VPN app will be provided. Download it on your Mac, iOS, PC or Android streaming device.
  3. Launch the app, then connect to a remote VPN server in either Canada, UK, USA, Australia or elsewhere abroad.
  4. You will now be able to stream Amazon Prime Video alongside other channels such as Sky Go, Netflix and ITV.

As a provider that has been in the market for a while, ExpressVPN is well placed to give you a wide selection of countries where they have a remote server. This in turn means more channels to choose from after you unblock American Amazon Prime Video outside the US.


Streaming American Amazon Prime Video Overseas using Smart DNS Proxies

A Smart DNS proxy is probably the easiest solution you will find if you’re looking to unblock American Amazon Prime anywhere in the world. This nifty solution works by hiding the part of your URL that’s responsible for revealing your location to the sites and channels you visit. That way, all the geographic restrictions are bypassed. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign up for a free 7 day trial period with Unlocator.
  2. Use the available setup guides, videos and screenshots to setup SmartDNS to work seamlessly on your Xbox, Fire TV Stick, Roku, Apple TV, PC, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromecast.
  3. Confirm that you can access American Amazon Prime Video.
  4. Sift through the other 220 channels that you also get unblocked. They include BBC, Hulu, ABC Go, Sling TV, ITV and Sky.

Not many premium channels unblock as many as 220 channels for their subscribers like Unlocator does. With this many channels, it’ll be really difficult to get bored. You’re welcome to test them out on their free 7 day trial.

Streaming American Amazon Prime Video outside USA – Conclusion

One thing to look out for when searching for a reliable provider either for Smart DNS or for VPN is to see whether some sort of guarantee is provided where you don’t lose your money. Among the providers I know, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, while Unlocator extends a 7-day free trial period for their service. These guarantees are a good sign of credibility and customer-centered service.

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