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Speed: 5
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Security: 4.5
Price: 5
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About Windscribe VPN

If you’re eager to have the peace of mind while surfing the net and evade online paths fraught with perils, you have probably come across Windscribe VPN.

Though we cannot claim that Windscribe is a top contender for the leading VPN providers, but it has all chances to become so. This service performs the main VPN functions which can save you from different nastiness like hacking, lack of privacy, geo-blocking, etc.

And if you have wondered whether to have a try of this VPN provider, we can help you make a final decision. This review will draw your attention to the main Windscribe characteristics, both positive and negative. As a result, it will give you a better sense of this VPN provider.

Note that we never impel our readers to choose this or that service. Our aim is to show you what modern VPN market can offer a user like you and compare functions of VPN providers. The most we can do in this case is to recommend you pay more attention to services with better options. Still, your choice always depends only on you.

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Windscribe VPN Plans and Pricing

When you have a look at Windscribe VPN pricing plan, the first idea which can probably come into your mind is something about two opposite extremes. Sounds strange? But it looks like that.

Windscribe VPN has two packages to offer its subscribers – Free and Pro. If you get a Free plan, you won’t have to spend even a penny on a VPN service and you will get the basic VPN options. They cover up to 15GB of data per month, servers in 9 locations and only one connection. In a nutshell, this plan is free and limited.

The second Pro package has unlimited data transfer and number of simultaneous connections. You will also have access to servers in 31 locations instead of 9. But at the same time, be ready to pay $9 each month or $90 annually. So, Pro plan is unlimited but expensive.

windscribe vpn pricing


On the one hand, Windscribe has a great Free plan and that is why is considered to be one of the best VPN services with free options. But its Pro plan is rather expensive and doesn’t correspond to all the functions Windscribe VPN has got.

Paying methods include Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit cards (Visa, Amex, etc.) and Paymentwall. Windscribe has also got a refund option:

In case you are not satisfied with the commercial Service, once you have subscribed you have the right to obtain a full reimbursement, given that your request is sent within 3 commercial days from the subscription payment. Windscribe accepts only written refund requests sent to our support desk. You have the right to request a reimbursement without giving explanations.

So, you can get your money back during the first 3 days after you subscribed to this service and even without giving any explanations. Note that many VPN providers demand a serious reason for refunds.

You will get your money back during 30 days after you send a written request and if you don’t exceed the data limit of 10GB (or 15GB if you tweetet about Windscribe).

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Windscribe VPN Features

What can you expect from Windscribe VPN? Security. This provider has a hefty data encryption which will prevent third parties from burrowing into your private information or important business data. Windscribe also cares about data leak protection.

Safe Wi-Fi is another bonus you can get becoming Windscribe subscriber. This service minimizes all possible hackers’ attacks and protects your online life wherever you are – hotel, airport, coffee shop or any other public place.

Windscribe has got a sui generis widget – Generator which looks like an improved URL shortener. This tool shows the amount of tracking present on the visited website. Furthermore, this VPN software provides users with a secure P2P file-sharing and Ad-Blocker.

There are servers available in up to 28 countries, though the locations number depends on the pricing plan you choose. Windscribe VPN supports all popular platforms as well as devices. It also unblocks geo-restricted content like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and many others.

By the by, there are several browser extensions available for users of this VPN. These are Opera, Google Chrome and, good news, Windscribe has recently released Firefox extension, too.

windscribe extension

Such extension will mask your actual IP address. There is also an option of Cruise Control which chooses the closest server and automatically switches to location which is necessary for bypassing of geo-blocked content.


Windscribe VPN Security and Privacy

Windscribe VPN is working hard on providing its subscribers with a top-notch security level. It has a powerful AES 256-bit data encryption, SHA 512 data authentication and a hefty RSA 4096 handshaking. This provider offers only OpenVPN (and IKEv2 for iOS) as the best option among all popular protocols like PPTP, L2PT, IPSec and others.

There are no chances you will face data leaks as this Canadian VPN service has a set of DNS and IPv6 leak Protection. By the by, sudden connection drops are not frightening for Windscribe users, too. This provider has also got Firewall widget. It blocks all Internet connectivity which happens outside the connection to Windscribe servers.

Dedicated IPs are not available as Windscribe VPN considers shared IPs to be more reliable. The point is that use of shared IP addresses makes it more difficult to identify a real user.

There are also an interesting and not typical for other VPN provider Anti-social and Untraceable options. These widgets remove all Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and other social trackers from websites you visit.
Windscribe VPN has also got Split Personality. It rotates your browser’s user agent when you start your browser. This helps to evade browser fingerprinting.

According to Windscribe privacy policy, this service doesn’t use any third party tracking or analytics services. It also doesn’t keep any connection logs, IP timestamps or sites visited by users. Bandwidth data is reset once a month.

Windscribe VPN doesn’t require your email. You can provide it in case you forget a password. All payment information (for Pro plan subscribers) is kept for 30 days only.

In case you decide to change a VPN provider and leave Windscribe VPN subscription, all information which will be left after you, includes username and password (email too, if you provided a service with it).

Despite these great features, lots of customers still have doubts whether to trust Windscribe VPN because of its location. Canada is not the best place for 100% privacy as there is a danger of being tracked by CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and Five Eyes.

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Windscribe VPN Locations

In essence, Windscribe VPN is not a provider with vast server coverage. It offers servers in 9 or 31 locations depending on the pricing plan you will select.

Free plan includes only 9 available locations, namely US (East/West), UK, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Germany.

Except the countries mentioned above subscribers of a Pro plan will also get access to servers in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Singapore, South Korea, India, Australia, Japan and Mexico.


Windscribe VPN Compatibility

Windscribe is compatible with such operating systems as Windows and Mac. It is also available on Linux platform but only for Pro plan subscribers. Windscribe has also recently released a VPN client for iOS and Android platforms. But keep in mind that the last one is available only for premium users.

There are also extensions for Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers. By the by, Windscribe VPN client is rather convenient and easy in use. There are also setup guides for such operating systems as Mac, Windows, Android and Ubuntu. Tutorials are available for all aforementioned browsers except Opera.

Windscribe VPN client for iOS

As VPN client for iOS is new, we decided to test it and find out how much functional and convenient it is in use.

windscribe vpn extension for ios

The first impression was somewhat spoiled by the registration process. It wasn’t very convenient to fill in the necessary information as the bottom fields were hidden.

windscribe registration at ios

Besides, we didn’t manage to find settings and there is the only one reason for this – they are absent.

windscribe settings ios

The switched off VPN client looks like this.

windscribe not connected ios

But if your VPN client is on it will become blue. The same features you can find in Windows VPN client.

windscribe connected ios

Luckily for us and for Windscribe VPN we didn’t find any data leaks.

windscribe ios ip leak test results

windscribe ios dns leak test results

The speed results we got on iOS VPN client were average.

windscribe vpn ios speed test results

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Installation, Speed and Leak Protection

Installation process

windsribe vpn installation

So, everything starts as usual. You need either to create a new account or use the one you have already got.

windscribe start

When you sign in you will see the following information note.

windscribe registration

You can get 2GB, 10 or even 15GB of free data per month. Note that 10GB are available only after you provide Windscribe VPN with your email and 15GB after you tweet about Windscribe. To be honest, that’s awesome especially if to compare to 500MB/mo offered by TunnelBear.

If your VPN client is switched off it turns into black.

windscribe vpn not connected

After you switch VPN client on it becomes blue and looks like this.

windscribe vpn connected

Unfortunately, Windscribe VPN client can show you only a list of countries where its servers are located, but not a list of individual servers. Keep in mind that number of location differs depending on the package you have chosen.

windscribe servers

Windscribe VPN client has the following settings.

windscribe settings

There are three available connection modes – default, backup and stealth. Default connection mode presupposes UDP protocol on port 443 while backup connection mode includes TCP protocol on port 1194.

Stealth mode with TCP protocol via Stunnel on port 8443 is not recommended as a part of a usual setting. It’s better to use it when all other connection methods fail, what often happens in China.

Firewall range involves Automatic, Manual and AlwaysOn modes. Automatic mode will switch Firewall on when you connect and off when disconnect. Manual option will allow you decide when to use Firewall yourself. AlwaysOn mode means that Firewall will be constantly on.

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Speed and Leak protection

VPN clients of all other platforms as well as iOS didn’t show any IP and IPv6 leaks.

windscribe ip leak test results

We also didn’t find any DNS leaks what proves that Windscribe is a VPN of a serious security and privacy level.

windscribe dns leak test results

As to the speed, the results were very similar to those which iOS VPN client has. The closer a server is the better speed you will get. In general, speed test results are more than acceptable.

windscribe vpn speedtest results test showed decent speed results. The slowest was US server but here a distance played a crucial part.

windscribe vpn fastcom speedtest results


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Windscribe VPN Support

In case of any troubles, Windsurf can offer its help in form of FAQ, setup guides, Ticketing system, email and social networks. By the by, its FAQ is rather informative and you can find useful information there. Setup guides are mostly in video form.

As to the website itself, it is easy to use and contains almost all necessary information a customer would like to know about Windscribe VPN before subscribing to its service.

On the whole, their Help Centre covers the most popular topics and offers a range of setup guides and other relevant articles.



Although Windscribe is a young VPN service it has a high potential to take a solid place on VPN market. Its pace of development is really inspiring and we hope that it won’t slow down until Windscribe gains its summit.

On the whole, this VPN provider has a powerful security and privacy system which involves plenty of small but useful widgets. Still, its locations list isn’t very long.

Of course, Windscribe Pro plan is not cheap and this may discourage a lot of customers, but its Free plan is very good indeed. So, if you still have doubts concerning this VPN provider, why don’t you just subscribe to its free package and check how really good it is.


  • AES 256-bit data encryption
  • Firewall and other useful security widgets
  • DNS/Ip/IPv6 leak protection
  • Generator
  • Safe Wi-Fi
  • P2P
  • Browser extensions
  • up to 15GB of free data per month


  • Expensive Pro plan
  • Based in Canada
  • iOS VPN client needs improvement

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  1. Snee says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 5
    Support: 5
    Security: 5
    Price: 5
    Locations: 5

    Been using Windscribe for a little while now on all my devices. The selling point to me was unlimited devices ans in a household with over 20 internet connected computers, phones, TV boxes etc., this was key.

    The fact Windscribe covers a multitude of operating systems (and I use them all!) gives a simple to use interface across the range.

    No more ‘unable to view content’ due to location either.

  2. Swati says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 5
    Support: 5
    Security: 5
    Price: 5
    Locations: 5

    It’s time to defend your online privacy!

    Here is an awesome tool, Windscribe with lifetime access:, that protects your online privacy, unblocks websites, and removes ads and trackers from your everyday browsing.

    It is a desktop application and browser extension. It works together to block ads and trackers, restore access to blocked content and help you safeguard your privacy online.

    Your time will be better spent since you can focus now on the important things you are looking for on the net, without being distracted by pesky adware, announcements, and banners.

  3. Victor says: Reply
    Speed: 5
    Features: 3.5
    Support: 4
    Security: 4.5
    Price: 5
    Locations: 5

    I’ve been using Windscribe for about 8 months now and it does the job and it does it fast….

    As I said, fast connection,it automatically searches for the fastest connection.
    For me for instance, living in Belgium the fastest are mostly the Netherlands, Belgium(!) and France with an occasional UK server peeping in…. 🙂

    But you can also choose out of a lot countries from where to start. And in these 8 months there was no downtime at all.

    Now they have an interesting offer:

    $17 for 20 months, no data limit.

  4. Jack says: Reply
    Speed: 4
    Features: 4
    Support: 4
    Security: 4
    Price: 4
    Locations: 4

    The Windows client works perfectly! I enjoy that Windscribe allows unlimited connections, which is awesome for those of us that have tons of devices we can’t always have behind a VPN Router.

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