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About Avast SecureLine VPN

For the last few years, an issue of Internet privacy and security has been in the spotlight. This problem has occurred as a result of a conflict between the net users and outsiders – hackers, ISPs and governments.

All users have been striving for anonymity of their online activities, while the leading governments of the world have been adopting new laws which allow them to access the users’ database.

Consequently, there was created a tool which could help users remain safe and private despite the laws, hackers and other snoopers. The case in point is a VPN.

A virtual private network prevents exposing of personal information and protects from malicious websites, malware and hackers’ attacks. Besides, it also hides users from the government peering eyes.

The market is full of the VPN services which differ in options, their quality and pricing policy. Usually, VPN providers are independent companies which work only in this direction. However, you can also find VPN services which are branches of some giant firms with a solid position on the market. A bright example is Phantom VPN – Avira product.

Avast: then and now, or a long way to SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN is also a product of a renowned Czech company Avast, which like Avira gained its popularity thanks to an antivirus program. Avast was created by a researcher of Prague’s Mathematical Machines Research Institute, Pavel Baudiš and his colleague, Eduard Kučera.

An impact to their collaboration was the appearance of the Vienna Virus that resulted in ALWIL Software cooperative, which released the first Avast antivirus. In two years after the Czech coup d’état, they managed to found a company with headquarter in Prague.

In 1996 Avast antivirus won Virus Bulletin’s VB100 awards in all testing categories. Note that Virus Bulletin magazine is considered to be one of leading independent authorities on computer security. In several years Avast opened its online store and in 2004 it got the first million of users.

In 2015 Avast presented the world its new product – SecureLine VPN. Nowadays this company with more than 230 million of users has its offices all around the globe – in the USA, Germany, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Hong Kong and Seoul.

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SecureLine VPN Plans and Pricing

Though Avast homepage informs customers only about two available plan options – free and annual packages, in fact, it has bigger plan diversity.

SecureLine VPN offers a 7-day free trial for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. A licensed version of SecureLine VPN is available only for PC and Mac, which also include special offers for owners of iOS and Android devices.

secureline vpn pricing

Having decided to buy a PC licensed package, you will surprisingly find out that an annual package isn’t the only option SecureLine VPN has. You can choose a plan for 1 month, too. But if you are a true Avast SecureLine fan then you can have a plan for 1, 2 and even 3 years.

secureline vpn pricing plans

A monthly PC package costs $7.99, but note that it doesn’t allow to choose a number of devices. But packages for 1, 2 and 3 years include such option. In this case, the price will change according to the quantity of devices you choose.

secureline vpn pricing plans for 1 PC

By the way, when arranging a purchase of a PC package, you will see special Avast SecureLine VPN offer for iOS and Android platforms. A monthly package costs $2.99 and an annual plan has a price of $9.99.

Mac owners should know that there in no option of choosing the number of devices. Mac package doesn’t have a plan for 3 years, but there are Android/iOS special offers.

The payment methods include Credit Card, PayPal and Wire Transfer options. It’s important to underline that whatever way of payment you choose, it’s necessary to provide SecureLine VPN with such personal information as a country, address, zip code, your first and second names, and email.

secureline vpn payment methods

If you are buying Avast VPN for a company you will get two more additional fields to fill in – a company name and its phone number.

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SecureLine VPN Features

SecureLine VPN is aimed to provide you with protection from hackers and Internet service providers (ISPs) control even while using public Wi-Fi hotspots in the cafes or airports. Avast VPN encrypts your incoming and outgoing data making it invisible to sniffers.

According to the company policy, they do not keep any logs of users’ online activities making it impossible for third parties to get this kind of information.

With its servers spread all over the world, SecureLine VPN allows accessing geo-restricted websites any time and anywhere you want. It also provides users with an appropriate speed for playing games, watching videos or downloading files of different sizes.

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